“Through large-scale works that probe contemporary culture, advertising and the ruin, Fergus Cooper harnesses pleasing dissonance from décollaged symbols, words and images. Whereas New Realism artists like François Dufrene and Mimmo Rotella used décollage of already existing materials, Cooper layers his acrylic on paper illustrations, cartoony and satirical swipes at branding, entertainment and fashion. The finished works self-evidently show the process of their creation, paradoxically through the process of their destruction. The viewer’s eyes dart around the billboard-sized works, piecing together the shredded remains of corporate slogans, product photos and stock backgrounds. Veiny, wheatpasted textures and shard-like rips act as familiar surface textures the viewer associates with seeing these type of advertisements on the street. Cooper’s works are assembled from more perfectly scattered fragments which have a durational aspect to them, with some quite advanced compositional structures concealing and melding multiple layers which only become apparent as they are picked through by the viewer over a period of time.”

– Herb Shellenberger, 2017

instagram: @fergcooper

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