5 Different Types of Vapes. Which one Should You Go For?

5 Different types of vapes: The modern e-cigarette was invented in 2003; since then, it’s evolved like crazy. If you’re unfamiliar with vaping or E-liquid, you might not know where to start. Especially if you’re new to vaping, buying a big, colorful vape mod for your first device will be disappointing if you’ve never smoked before, and you’ll end up with a compelling and complex device.

So what types of vapes are there today? Have you ever wondered what vaping device is the best for smokers? What should you buy if you’ve been vaping for a while and want something more advanced? 

Here’s how to pick the right vape. But, before you start vaping, you should know what terms are used.

What should I know about vapes?

To start, let’s think about what vaping devices are made up of:

  • The battery
  • An atomizer
  • The e-liquid

Which Kinds of Vapes Are There?

The process of shopping for vapes can be confusing! Unfortunately, that’s the case. Don’t be discouraged, though. When you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s essential! There are two types of vapes.

  • Nicotine Vapes

Lithium-ion batteries power these handhelds, which simulate smoking without combustion. You can choose between 0% and 5% nicotine, tobacco, and dessert flavors.

  • Cannabis/CBD Vapes

Batteries or electrical power supplies power portable and desktop heat sources. Dry herbs or concentrated botanicals can be used in these devices, whether CBD, THC, or anything else.

Besides e-liquid, people vape other things, and many vape herbs, vitamins, and even coffee. 

You don’t see people vaping like this often, but they use the same devices. The CBD vape industry overlaps a lot with the nicotine vape industry, and it’s so popular because they work with many vaporizers.

Listed below are some types of vapes.

Nicotine Vapes

Lithium-ion batteries power nicotine vapes, which simulate the sensation of smoking without combustion. By vaping e-liquids, you can satisfy your cravings while regulating how much nicotine you get while switching from cigarettes to e-liquids.

There are many nicotine vapes out there, like e-cigarettes and vape pens. Their slim, stylish design and low profile make them super portable. A vape cartridge can either be prefilled (like a disposable vape) or refilled (like a refillable pod).

An e-cigarette is a small, thin device that vapes like a tobacco cigarette.

However, e-cigarettes and vape pens aren’t the only options. You can also check out different options available at Mixology Vape.

Pachamama Synthetic

Pachamama’s e-liquids are known for their flavor. These disposable vapes come with a 4ml bottle of 5% synthetic nicotine salt e-liquid (50mg). With a 700mAh battery, you can get 1200 puffs on demand. You can choose from six flavors, like banana ice, pink lemonade, and pineapple ice, making it easy to keep coming back!


Vapes like the e-cigarette are the smallest ever made. Using them is easy, and they start working immediately. Once you’ve used it, you throw it out and replace it. Those kinds of vapes are great for travelers or busy people who don’t have time to mess with gadgets. A high-nicotine e-cigarette gives a satisfying hit to smokers who want to get into vaping.

Vape pods

The pod vape (also called pod mods or pod systems) is one of the most popular vaping devices. Pod vapes are like e-cigarettes; devices usually have a battery and a pod you can replace and often refill.

They’re easy to use, and they’re usually cheap. The efficiency and convenience of pod mods also make them a great way to deliver nicotine and pair well with nicotine salt e-liquids. Pod vapes are a great option when you want a high-quality vaping experience with ease and convenience.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are often associated with vaping. Vape pens have two parts: the tank and the slim, rechargeable battery. They’re small, delivering high nicotine levels while still tasting good. For smokers, the draw-activated vape pen is still a popular alternative since it requires them to press a button to inhale.

Using a vape pen is easy for people who haven’t tried vaping before, and they’re affordable and easy to use. With vape pens, you can choose different nicotine concentrations.

What’s the best vape for you?

You can’t give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question because it depends on your preferences, budget, and willingness to try new things.

Start by deciding if you will use the vaping device for e-liquid or CBD.

You should also look at the device’s size and appearance. You annihilate half your options when you don’t want bulky or dense devices. If you don’t care about pocketability or your budget isn’t limited, you may prefer a bigger, more powerful vape.

There are many vaping devices out there if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking! Hopefully, this guide will help you find it.

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