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Do you solve Wordle puzzles frequently? The activity of solving a Wordle is challenging and helps one to learn more. One learns to make and add new words to their vocabulary. If you reside in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India, you must be aware of solving these Wordles.

This is a word brushing activity that also brushes the vocabulary. This article will guide you about the 5 Letter Ending Words in Inch. Make sure to read the complete article for more information.

Does the answer for Wordle #402 a five-letter word?

Yes, the answer for Wordle #402 is a five-letter word, CINCH. This is because so many words ended with Inch, such as finch and winch. The word which is the answer to the Wordle is easy but is not used very often. 

Thus, it requires effort to get to the right answer. The article also has further hints about the Wordle answer.

Hints and Clues for 26th July Wordle:

These hints are of great use, which eases the game of finding 5 Letter Ending Words in Inch. Thus, the players would be able to get to the right answer quickly. This would also give them a sense of confidence and a clear idea of how to go about solving the puzzle.

  • The word contains one vowel in it.
  • A letter is also repeated in the five-letter word.
  • It refers to an extremely easy task.
  • People do not commonly use the word.
  • The last letter of the word is H.

Also, the Wordle guide is a very helpful tool that eliminates all the words that have been previously used, which makes it easy and does not repeat the old words.

5 Letter Ending Words in Inch

Here is a list of all the words that end with Inch. So, if you are stuck with the puzzle and looking for words with Inch, here is a list that would help you.

Here is a list of 5 letter words 

  • Cinch
  • Finch
  • Pinch
  • Winch

Also, 6 Letter words with INCH

  • Chinch 
  • Clinch
  • Flinch
  • Grinch

Know More about the wordle game

This game was invented by Josh Wardle and was launched last year in October 2021. The rules of the game are quite easy to understand. Recently people have been searching for 5 Letter Ending Words in Inch as they are looking for correct answers for today’s Wordle. The Wordle keeps changing daily. 

People have to make guesses for 5 Letter words every day, and they are also given a list of hints to make it easy for them. The Wordle has been taken over by The New York Times in the recent past. Wordle is a source of improving grammar where people look out and get to learn new words daily.


The answer does not seem easy, but the list of words makes it easier for the players to look out for the right answer. The article 5 Letter Ending Words in Inch is a source of help for puzzle solvers. 

You can also surf the link to learn more new words. What are your views on the level of difficulty of the Wordle? We would love to see your comments. 

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