5 Letter Word Trai {June} Is This Related To Answer?

The guide shares the list of words to find the 5 Letter Word Trai for riddle #354. 

Do you enjoy playing the famous puzzle game Wordle? If you play and solve the mystery word daily, you probably know the recent riddle #354, released on 8th June. People are searching for the right answer to the question.

Wordle puzzle game released question #354 on 8th June 2022, and the riddle urges the players to guess a five-letter word starting with TRAI. Soon after releasing the riddle, all players in the United States, Australia, India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom started searching for the right 5 Letter Word Trai

The List of Five-Letter Words Starting with TRAI

Many words start with TRAI, and finding the right answer from the list can be challenging. So, to make things easier, a list has been created that comprises the five-letter words starting with TRAI. You may go through the list to find the right answer for riddle #354.

  • Train
  • Trail 
  • Traik
  • Traif
  • Trait
  • Traim
  • Trais
  • Traid
  • Traip

These are some of the five-letter words that start with TRAI, and you will find the answer to riddle #354 in the above list. 

5 Letter Word Starting with Trai – The Right Answer to Riddle #354

Riddle for today urges the players to guess the five-letter word that starts with TRAI. So, there are some clues based on which the answer can be guessed. Players finding the right answer to riddle #354 must use the clues below to find the right answer.

  • The word starts with the letter T and ends with the same letter
  • The word comprises two vowels 
  • The word relates to a distinguishing feature or characteristic    

If you are still unable to guess the right 5 Letter Word Starting With Trai, don’t worry; you will find the answer here. The answer to Wordle #354 on 8th June is “TRAIT.” If you managed to get it right, continue your streak going.  

How to Play Wordle?

Wordle is a puzzle game that is very easy to play. Players must guess a five-letter word to answer the riddles in six chances. Players get six chances to answer the daily riddles. The tiles turn green if the guesses are right and yellow if the guesses are close to the answer. The tiles turn red if the guesses are wrong. 

Wordle game has released 354 riddles till 8th June 2022. The riddle #354 is to guess a 5 Letter Word Trai and the answer to the riddle is TRAIT, which means a characteristic or any distinguishing feature. You will find clues to guess the right answer, making the process easy for players. 


Wordle puzzle game has a huge fan base worldwide, and every day a new riddle is released to keep the players involved in the game. On 8th June 2022, the puzzle game released question #354, where players were urged to guess the answer.

Based on the clues available online for 5 Letter Word Trai, the answer to riddle #354 is TRAIT. What was your answer? Please share it in the comment section.

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