Ajuders com BR 2024: Read Now, Details About This Website

What is Ajuders com BR? What is this website about? Read the purpose and goal of this website, along with its technical factors. 

Netizens from worldwide are trying to find out the details related to the Ajuders com BR website. Here, we will discuss the website and its details.

Details On Ajuders.com.br

The website is in the Portuguese language. ‘Ajude Rs’ means ‘Help Rs.’ The website has been created to help people. On the website, people in need of help post about their problems.

People who are willing to help will find them and fulfill their needs. People who are available to assist also list them and make a post. So that a person in need may see them and a person can also become a volunteer. 

The website is a sub-domain to another main website. But that website needs to be traced. Thus, collecting the technical details of this website took a lot of work. The website has been based in Brazil. 

On their website, they have provided a mapped view of places where help is needed. A person who wants to help may search for the right person to help quickly because they provide sorting options on their website. 

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Legitimacy Check on Ajuders com BR 

Read the key points below to learn about the legitimacy of this website. The website is confusing a lot of people, so read and find out valuable details. 

  • Trust Score for the domain: The trust score is 100 out of 100.
  • Domain’s Blacklist Status: No blocked links were detected.
  • Website’s Registration Date: The website was created on 12th March 2024.
  • Expiration Date of the website: The website will expire on 4th May 2026.
  • Age of the website: The website is just a few days old.
  • Backlinks Details: No details are available.
  • Country of origin: It is mentioned as Brazil.
  • HTTPS Connection: Found valid HTTPS connection.
  • Social Media Account: No existence of social media accounts are there.
  • Email Address: The email is provided: caiokaspary@gmail.com.
  • Organisation Name: The name of the organization is mentioned as Thais Torres Lucas
  • Owner’s Name: The owner’s name is Caio Kaspary.
  • Use of the Website: The website is public help.
  • Last Update Date: The website was last updated on 5th May 2024.
  • SSL Certificate: They have a valid certificate.
  • SSL Type: They have a low DV SSL. 

The website, Ajuders com BR appears to be legit. However, most of the technical details about the website are encrypted. 

Reviews on Ajude RS website

Any proper review of the website needs to be done. However, people from Brazil are using the hashtag ‘Ajuders’ to call out to people to help. This means that the website’s title has become a phenomenon that needs help.

The website looks simple and plain. A lot of help requests are posted on the website. People reveal their problems and needs along with their contact so that a person who wants to help can contact them quickly. 


The website Ajuders com BR has been created very recently. Thus, there is a need for more details. The goal of this website is to create a community where people who want to help are present and willing to help. 

Anyone in need of help may post their requirement and problems on the website. Then, the helpers will see the request and contact the person in need. Cortes Ruyter uploaded a video on YouTube that explained how this website works.

The video is in Portuguese; thus, change the setting and auto-translate the captions to English. Then, anyone may easily understand the video. Click here to watch it.

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