Alexis Jennens Found {June} Find Her Latest Information!

Read details about Alexis Jennens Found recently. Also, learn about her missing timelines and how the news trended on social media.

Did you know that Alexis has been found? Yes, read below the latest update regarding Daryl Jennens’s Daughter. The news about Alexis missing made sensational news as her father Daryl took the information about her to the Worldwide social media platform. 

It was worrisome to her parents, who had exhausted all their avenues in her search and finally requested contacts on social media. Let’s check below about Alexis Jennens Found.

Update about Alexis Jennens:

On his LinkedIn pages, Daryl Jennens updated regarding Alexis Jennens being found approximately at 4:00 PM GMT +10 AST. Daryl informed on his LinkedIn pages that police had located Alexis and had contacted her. Alexis is ok. 

Daryl could only confirm that Lexi(Alexis) had been traced. Daryl said that the police and his family are in the process of working together on further proceedings. Daryl thanked the support provided and the efforts by his contacts and social media. Daryl’s LinkedIn contacts included people from different world locations. 

Daryl Jennens Daughter Brisbane Post:

Immediately after Daryl posted on Linkedin the news of Alexis being found, 192 people liked the news, and 33 people commented, expressing their relief.

About Alexis Jennens:

Alexis Jennens is known by her cute name Lexi. She is 15 years old. She is the daughter of Daryl Jennens, a Business Development Manager of Bayside Plasterboard & Gold Coast Plasterboard company from Greater Brisbane Area, Australia.

Details of Alexis’s missing:

Lexi went missing on 31st-May-2022. After exhausting all his contacts, Daryl Jennens took the news to his LinkedIn pages with more than 500 connections.

Daryl updated that he did not hear about Alexis Jennens Found since 7:30AM AST on Tuesday, the 31st-May-2022. Daryl said that Lexi was wearing a grey Nike crew-neck t-shirt and black Nike track pants. Daryl added two pictures of his daughter on the LinkedIn posts. 

Daryl expressed his worry as it was unusual for Lexi to be out of reach for a long time. The LinkedIn post was viewed by thousands of people, with 41,767 people sharing their emotions and 9,160 people commenting on the post. 

Missing posts of Social Media:

Soon, the post was extensively shared on social media in Britain and Australia, specifically on FB and Twitter about Alexis Jennens Found with the hashtag #AlexisJennens Missing. On FB @Missingperson pages (which specifically share news about missing persons), a public announcement was updated about Alexis.

There were more than three posts between 1st-June-2022 and 2nd-June-2022 shared by Lexi’s family and cousins that circulated on FB and included the contact number to share information.


Currently, it is only known that the police have traced Alixes; police had contacted her and said that she was ok. However, more information about her well-being is awaited. As of writing, it has been more than two hours after Alexis Jennens Found and Alexis’s family is working with police on further process. It is assumed that more updates may be available later in the day.

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