AND1 Net Worth 2022 {Aug} Hot Sauce Basketball Professor

The article describes the fundamental matter of AND1 Net Worth 2022 and informs you about the recent documentary on this company.

Do you know about the company AND 1? The company is related to footwear and cloth. The company is mainly established in the United States. But currently, in many other countries like Canada and Australia, the company is famous. 

The company has millions of customers for their quality assurance products. For this reason, many people want to know the AND1 Net Worth 2022. We must check the matter and describe our readers in this brief discussion. 

Do You Have Any Idea about Net Worth? 

AND 1 starts with a promising revenue structure. It partnered with some other brands as well. It also created the sneaker business. But later, the company started to sell balls and other sports items. 

Keep in mind the company has many buyers from the United Kingdom also. Many experts have commented on the total net worth of AND1. As per the recent reports, the net worth of this company is near 500 thousand USD. 

And 1 Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is the nickname of the famous basketball player of AND1 Streetball. The real name of the player is Philip Champion. The player is known for his skill, power and game readability. Phillip was born in Fort Campbell in the Kentucky region. 

From his childhood, Phillip was very famous for his basketball playing ability. At that time, many people called him hot Sauce. Later it became the nickname of this player. In 2002 he got an offer from the AND One’s “Mixtape Tour”. It gave him great fame. Later, Phillip became one of the great players for his team. 

And 1 Basketball

The company was founded on 13 August 1993. After that, within a very few years the company became very popular in basketball shoe production. The company was famous for its kits for basketball. Later the company sponsored many well-known athletics and basketball teams at the high school and university levels. 

The company also supported the NBA-listed players. But later, for many reasons, mainly business reasons, the ownership has changed from time to time. On 25 August 2011, the company was sold to the famous Galaxy Brand. Grayson Boucher is known as AND1 Professor

Why is the News Circulating? 

Many people search the net worth report of AND1 because “Netflix” recently made a documentary on the AND1. The documentary’s name is “Watch Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND 1”. The documentary shows the emergence of the company and also describes its recent fall down of the company. 


At last, we can say much discussion is going on about this company. Recently the discussion about the company is increasing for Seth Burger recently described his thoughts in the Netflix documentary and gave light on the AND1 Net Worth 2022

Please note all the data has trusted internet sources. Besides this, the link will help to understand the matter. Have you watched the documentary on AND 1? Please comment.

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