Andorra Wordle {June 2022} Map: Is It A Country Name?

The article describes the basic features of Andorra Wordle. Please read the article to know more about the game.

Do you know about the new Worlde? In this Wordle game, the players need to guess the country’s name by its geographical location. We can say it is a Geographical puzzle game. Those who like geographical puzzles can play the game.

The game is already getting much appreciation Worldwide. Experts say the game is much similar to the Wordle word puzzle game.  A slight difference is the game is dependable on geographical maps. In this game, the players need to guess the state or a country name. Get ready to know more about Andorra Wordle.

What do you understand about Wordle Andorra? 

Many people are asking about Wordle Andorra. Like the word puzzle Wordle, the players need to guess the territory name as per our knowledge. For this guessing purpose, the players will have six chances. Like the same word puzzle game in this game, the colours green, yellow and grey will indicate the players about the right guess.

If you try to find out about Andorra’s country, you need to guess by the geography map. When the players think of the country name, it will give them five pop-ups in square dimensions. The green colour will indicate the correct guessing.

Andorra Game

The players need to guess the country name. Andorra is not a game except a country name that you need to guess.  

  1. First, the gamers need to open the official website of this Wordle game.
  2. The name of the website is The players can also download the mobile application.
  3. On the website, the players can see six boxes. Now the gamers need to enter the location.
  4. The game will provide six chances to the players.
  5. After guessing the country name, the players need to enter the “guess” key. The game interface also offers you the distance and direction of the guessing country.

Andorra Wordle

The players will have the hints option when they try to guess the country name. The players will get the hint options like: 

  1. Territory starting name with “A.”
  2. The one word that contains a country or territory name. 
  3. The hint also gives the player the ending name of the country, which is also “A”.
  4. The total letters the country name is carrying. In this case, the territory name accepts 7 letters. 
  5. Players will get the hint of the first two letters of the country name, like A and N. 

The hints will give the answer – Is Andorra a Country or not? Hope you get the answer. 

Why is the Game Trending?

The game is trending because it gives the gamers utterly new types of gaming experiences. Here, gamers just need to guess the territory name or country name. The game also offers hints, country lists, clues etc., to the players. 

So the players can easily imagine the country name in six attempts. Millions of gamers are playing this game regularly to guess the country’s character each day.


At last, we can say the players need to read all the rules to play Andorra WordleAt the present time, many players are playing this new geographical puzzle game. All the data is taken from validated internet sources. 

But for your satisfaction, you can check the link. Have you played the game? Comment, please. 

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