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Read Reviews about a perfect collection scam plotted to cheat innocent people trying to save their credit scores.

Analysis of showed how scammers had structured a plot to loot borrowers. Did you know that thousands of people in the United States take various types of loans related to personal loans, auto loans, and student loans? Unfortunately, not everyone can pay back the loan in full. There are many people whose accounts become delinquent, dipping their credit scores.

Learn more about the ASG scam in below Reviews.

Brief of fake collection agency:

Financial agencies try to recover the amount for a certain period. After which, it becomes more economical to sell delinquent accounts to a collection agency. Collection agencies have the authorization to place an ‘account under collection’ tag that hurts the borrower’s credit score. 

One such collection agency is Firstsource Advantage LLC, popularly known as Account Solutions Group LLC(ASG). If a delinquent borrower checks his credit report, he will find a tag ASGrecovery. Hence, the term ‘ASGrecovery’ is well known in the US. Therefore, the borrowers understand the need to pay off their loan amount at the earliest to rescue their credit scores.

About Asg Recovers Scam:

The scammers simply took advantage of the ‘ASGrecovery’ tag found on the credit score and launched on 27th October 2021. It is surprising that, a collection agency, is registered only until the next five months and twenty-eight days.

However, the plot to cheat the customers worked. Imagine an associate calling from a collection agency and mentioning that they are from ASGrecovery. The only thing that clicks the mind of borrowers is fear and obligation to pay the loan. 

Over such calls, it is a general understanding that the collection agencies are trying to recover money, as ascertained in Reviews; and the borrower needs to provide payment details. With the sense of urgency and fear implicated by the fake collectors, many borrowers provide payment details, benefiting the scammers!

It was the ultimate aim of the scammers, and they were successful. The information provided on says that they have been in business for more than 25 years, which is falsifying. Hence, the ‘no interest plans’, ‘flexible plans’ and ‘collection removal promise’ are not trustworthy.

The customer base of 121k specified on cannot be verified. Understandably, the contact number and inbuilt message window are real as Reviews found that the scammers want more people to be in their viscous net. Evidently, has a terrible 8% Trust Score. The identity and contact details of website owners are hidden using services from 

Conclusion: is a high-level scam easily targeting borrowers to gain personal and payment information! You need not worry about receiving a message from or a call for (205)627-7004 as they are phishing attempts. However, not all collection agencies are fake. Hence, we recommend services from Legitimate Debt Collectors to resolve your accounts. Please avoid providing any personal and payment information to

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