Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam {Aug 2022} Find Details!

Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam has discussed details of a free vacation offer given by Ashford and also checked its legitimacy.

Have you received a text message for a free trip to the Bahamas from tour operator Ashford Vacations? Details about the trip are mentioned on their website, and people in the United States are receiving the message on their devices. Many people are seen cross-checking this offer on social media sites.

This offer can contain many hidden things, and this article examines all the possibilities. Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam has also checked the legit status of the website to reach a conclusion.

Bahamas Free Trip Text Message:

Some people are discussing a free trip offer to the Bahamas on social media. According to a netizen, he filled out a form in a mall and a few days back received a text message offering free trips to the Bahamas. He also talked to representatives, to confirm the offer.

This offer is from the same company whose form was filled out by a concerned person in the mall. Many others have received the same message and are worried about the offer’s legal status.

Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam:

This offer is from an Ashford Vacations website, and they have mentioned Free Bahamas vacation on their portal. Their website says they offer this free trip to celebrate their twenty years of service in this industry. 

  • This offer is made under the monthly sweepstake drawing campaign.
  • People filling sweepstake cards at malls can only benefit from this offer.
  • After confirmation, the winner of the trip can talk to the company representative over the phone and get more details about the trip.
  • They can take the free air route or choose the sea route on a cruise.
  • Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam offer is for two people with a stay of five days and four nights.
  • They can select from Taino Beach Resort or Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort.
  • Details of both resorts are also mentioned on the website.

Is Ashford Vacations Com Legit?

As this offer is from the Ashford website, it’s essential to check the legit parameters of this tour operator. 

  • This domain was created on 17th June 2021.
  • Alexa has given zero ranks to this website.
  • No customer review could be found for this site.
  • Its trust index is 58.5%, while it has a trust score of 50%.

Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam on Social media reaction of this free offer:

Many netizens are surprised by this offer and are skeptical about it. Some fear that a hidden cost in the form of fees may be taken from customers, while others think that customers’ time may be used for a sales pitch. Baby tangerine, in her comment, said, “it’s too good to be true,” and wanted people to check on all the OOP costs.

Final verdict:

We have discussed every aspect of this free trip and still can’t say it is a legit offer by the tour operator. Lack of customer review for this website increases the chance of Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam as no one has experienced its service till now.

Have you won any offer for a free trip to holiday destinations? Please share your experience in the comment section. 

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