Let’s Renovate the Bathrooms Aesthetically-

Bathroom Aesthetically: If your bathroom’s current design doesn’t meet your needs, there are more ways than ever to give it a makeover. However, with so many colours, shapes, and functional elements, remodelling can feel daunting. One wrong pick can ruin your entire bathroom décor planning. There are various interior design choices for bathrooms, though – sleek finishes and clean lines or fun and vibrant colours. When you begin contemplating the redesigning process, always ask yourself these five questions as it applies to what makes a great space: 

  • Does it satisfy my needs? 
  • Is it efficient? 
  • Is it beautiful? 
  • How will I use this remodelled space? 
  • Are all these things within reach?

As you decide on the different elements, choices become more evident, and the patterns start to come together to contribute to the bathroom’s functionality and beauty. Here are some hints to help you in this regard.

Furniture items

Whether it’s a small or large footprint, cabinets, vanity, and sink will always feature in the scheme of things. While these are mainly functional items, they significantly add a focal point to the overall bathroom décor. When choosing them, you first have to know your storage requirement. It will guide you to the choice of cabinets and vanity size. At the same time, you would like to build it in a certain way to lend a specific touch to its style. For example, some people prefer a minimalist look without giving up on storage space. They would need something versatile and transitional that offers ample room for storing different items without interfering with the streamlined look of the area.

Flooring and walls

Do you want a cosy or cozy-cum-rustic looking bathroom? Every space consists of texture and shades to create a specific vibe. Wood wall colours can feel warm and hence, highly inviting. On the other hand, the ceramic floor tiles infuse both comfort and traditional charm. If you focus on these two sides, you can quickly manipulate the environment in your favour.

Similarly, you can opt for the marble to increase the luxe and upscale charm of any transitional décor theme. So, like this, you need to pick your choices. The bathroom’s mood is easy to create with the option of paint, but perfection will happen only when you consider this with other things, such as flooring and wall elements. 

To be more precise, if you plan to use tiles around the bathtub, you may want to determine whether the surrounding walls should wear neutral or accent shades. Then, texture can be another addition. Sleek lines, polished feel, and others can contribute here. 

Designers suggest that clarifying expectations from a particular space is also critical. Suppose you build a powder room. You may want it to look energetic and dynamic. But your choice may change when you think about the master bathroom. You might want to keep it calm and relaxing. In that case, applying Fuschia or deep purple tones can go against the design goal or aspiration. If you didn’t know, neutral-coloured walls and flooring of a bathroom could welcome the concept of accent colours through functional items, which can be hardware or furniture pieces. 

If you want to add a focal point to this setting, a stunning washroom sink faucet from Kraus or another brand with your thoughtfully selected sink can come in handy. For example, imagine a luxurious bathroom with a navy blue vanity, white sink, and black or stainless steel faucet. While the wall behind the vanity is grey, the introduction of navy blue colour through functional items can only elevate the area’s sophisticated and peaceful appeal. 

Bathing corner

A bathroom can include a shower and bathtub in one place, or there can be separate sections based on the layout and availability of the space. If you want to keep a low budget, choosing a shower and tub combo would be better. Or, a shower insert can be sufficient. No matter what you select, tiles can adorn this area for a magnificent feel. Those who prefer a luxurious ambience keep shower and bathtub areas distinct. They invest in claw-footed tubs with modern and minimalist appeal. The surrounding features like the countertop usually contain stone and marble materials.


In your eyes, it may not be that critical design element. But mirrors form a necessary part of the sink area in the bathroom. If you desire, you can make them a statement piece in the décor or tie up the entire look of the restroom through this single highlight. More precisely, it can be the hero or a supporting character in the design. Although one mirror is a must, you can add accent mirrors to create an illusion of expansiveness amid the four walls. The light reflected through them will also be great for the design effect.


Intelligent lighting is an absolute must in the bathroom. But to maximize the illumination, the lighting in other bathroom areas should also get your attention. At a minimum, you will require one primary light source above your sink area. You can also add accent lights on either side of the mirror. The main light over the sink will help you perform your grooming tasks, while recessed or accent lights will take care of the issues of shadows.

A suitable lighting fixture can create a perfect ambience in your bathroom. If you have ample natural light in your bathroom, you may want to consider placing window treatments like shutters to filter the light. It will soften the natural light and spread it throughout your bathroom. If you place mirrors on the opposite side of the windows, this will help increase natural light’s brightness. Do you have a high ceiling? In that case, a lovely vintage-themed chandelier with small bulbs can lend that sparkly feel to the place while keeping the overall charm at its highest.

These are a few things, but you can go on observing every aspect of the bathroom, from adding racks to rugs to accessories and others, to get the desired outcome. 

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