Blockchain Gaming adoption means more options for gamers

Games that use blockchain technology have increased their presence in the business of online games in the past few years. CryptoKitties, launched in 2017, is an example. The trend has earned momentum, with significant gaming studios starting to explore this technology.

At the start of this year, the market cap of blockchain games was approximately 25 billion USD. It does not seem to get reduced anytime soon. It will be the same even in a bear market’s depths. The two most stable areas in the crypto market in 2022 are NFT and blockchain games. Recently they have become very strongly intertwined. They are creating a new economic phenomenon. You might be brand new to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Visit after that, it is a platform for trading Bitcoin.

Genre to select

Like traditional PC games, Blockchain games appeal to players of all tastes. They share many characteristics. These are you can use them from any browser or any mobile app. They have simple controls and an edge that also a beginner can understand.

Despite their different subgenres, all blockchain games share a feature. They are produced through the assistance of some smart contracts. 

In particular, they provide an opportunity to acquire valuable virtual possessions. Consequently, regardless of their narrative or visual component, all games are considered as P2E games. These games include action, strategy, sandboxes, online multiplayer arenas, and other genres; however, the most well-known can be identified.

Players earn tokens by completing in-game tasks in most massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Tokens are used to upgrade characters to gain an advantage over rivals in the form of a more potent collection or the development of character abilities. The games in this genre that have seen the most play are CryptoBlades, Axie Infinity, etc.

Collectible card games can be their focus if infinite clashes and pocket beasts fool players. The NFT organisation makes digital cards look like actual collectibles in these games. Players must strategically outplay their opponents by building decks to counter numerous policies, and cards can be bought, sold, or traded like real cards. The card games played are Splinterlands, Gods Unchained, and Sorare.

Another exciting genre is “X-to-earn”. It means to do something to earn money rather than just “playing” the game. The concept of “X-to-earn” was first proposed by Ben Schecter, head of processes at RabbitHole, the stage that plunders operators to know more approximately cryptocurrency. In this equation, an “X” is a daily activity like eating, exercising, sleeping, shopping, or studying.” To earn” mentions to the monetary improvement from these activities.

The well-known STEPN game illustrates about move-to-earn. It was mainly used to improve the idea of “x-to-earn” in Online gaming portals. Users who participate in sports or exercise are rewarded in this game. The primary way to make currency in the application Let Me Speak for learning English is to buy NFT avatars and start learning English there. Every few minutes, tokens are given to players as an immediate reward for their progress.

The most ambitious and massive projects are AAA games or games published by a major publisher. Making them necessitates a significant investment of time, resources, and money. The purpose of these games is for players to enjoy the gameplay and be enticed by chance to make money. Their stunning graphics and authentic AAA gameplay set them apart from the competition. The best AAA game currently is Illuvium, which has been developing since 2020 and came out this year.

According to CoinMarketCap, the ILV token is worth approximately $60 and has a market capitalization of $560 million.

“Some AAA games combine professional production with an experienced team. These projects’ teams have a track record of success in blockchain and gaming and have the resources to make a AAA title work. GameFi argues that current games lack quality and tokenomics that cannot be sustained. However, following the bear market, these AAA games will bring GameFi to the masses, resolving many current issues.


Footprint Analytics is engaged to discover and visualize blockchain data. According to them, the most renowned blockchain game genre for the first nine months of this year was card games. These included AAA games behind, leaving x-to-earn and Splinterland. So, the gaming space is filled with different blockchain games for anyone. Here you can select some unique ones for every genre. 

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