BTC May Reduce Its Correlation with the Stock Market 

The Crypto industry is full of volatility and faces uncertainties quite often. Price fluctuations are common in the case of Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is going through a similar phase at present. It was facing a downfall a few days back and then revived to a better position. In association with all these aspects, the coin may cut off its correlation with the stock market. Visit the official bitcoin circuit to start trading cryptocurrencies.

With the expectation of massive price hikes from the Feds and a much stronger USD, the value of CPI fell to 8.2%. With this, the rates of BTC fell to 18,190 USD as was anticipated. But, this did not last for long because the price of BTC is at new peaks of 19,500 USD now. This happened because the buyers or holders of BTC can seize control of the falling prices of this coin. With this step, the rate of BTC is moving towards an upward trend at a very high speed. 

More On Bitcoin 

BTC is a dominant or king coin of the Cryptocurrency world. In terms of market capitalization, it is the largest coin in the market. It is one of the initial releases of the industry and since the first day, has been a favorite coin of all investors. BTC provides the best storage value, which makes it the prime choice of many investors. 

Along with all these, BTC is a leading coin and it is tough competition for any new release. And, it has many utilities in real life and is proving itself to be a substitute for money! This is so because it is resilient to inflation due to its utility. 

Also, many brands are approving payments in BTC tokens. Apart as an investment option, it has many uses in real life. With this, it is a better alternative than fiats that can beat inflation as well. The recent news about this coin is that it may cut off all its association with the stock market. Let’s have a look at the performance and impact of this news on the Crypto market. 

Performance Of Bitcoin In Recent Times 

In the past few days, Bitcoin has been showing quite impressive performance. Its rate is rising by around 5% which is a pressure on the limit of 20,000 USD resistance level. Due to the prevailing resistance of the bears at this level, digital assets find it very difficult to pass the level. 

Observing this, a trader of this market, Kaleo says that BTC may reduce its correlation with that of the stock market. For this observation, he has been using the TA method and calculated this prediction. He announced it through a tweet on the 14th of October. In this method, he made a comparison of the performance of BTC and other coins. He also states that this reflects the activity of DeFi assets. 

The situation of the coin on 1st August was rising with a bullish trend in the market. The analyst further adds that after 14th October, the USDT volume has been acting parabolic.  

What Is The Upcoming Target Of Bears 

Many experts and enthusiasts are putting forth their forecasts on when this separation may occur.’s chief marketing strategist, Gareth Soloway says that if the worst happens, BTC may correct its price mechanism to 3,500 USD in the future. Also, he adds another warning with his statement. He says that this parting between the markets is not going to happen soon. And, it may take time to occur as per his observations. 

He explains this situation as that the USD maintains its position at over twenty-year highs. And, the fiat continues to rise. Earlier, it was Soloway who pointed out his forecast that BTC’s price may fall. He said that this may happen as BTC clears off all the other risky assets. 


The price fluctuations in Cryptocurrencies take place quite often. In the case of BTC, this is true as well. The experts are predicting that this Crypto will move away from the links of the stock market. But there is no particular timing of when it shall occur. 

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