Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist {Nov 2022} Check Here!

Please go through this account to be aware of Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist, and the reason for her dishonor, which inspired the latest TV series on Hulu.

Is watching TV series based on true incidents your hobby? Then, you must have come across the episodes of Candy recently. Thus, please read this write-up further to learn more about the background of this series.

This report has discussed the real occurrence that inspired the latest TV program. Viewers from all over the world, especially in the United States, want to know if the protagonist exists in reality. Therefore, please read on to know all about Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist, and the relevant incident. 

Why are People Recently Looking for Candace Wheeler on the Net?

The popular streaming platform, Hulu, is currently showing a captivating series called Candy. Numerous viewers were curious about the true incident after watching the premier on 9 May 2022. Therefore, they began searching on the Net about Candace Wheeler.  

Adding to the curiosity of TV watchers, HBO Max shall also release a series based on the same occurrence. The name of that series is Love and Death. As television platforms highlight this character. Some reports claimed that Candace Wheeler, a therapist were seen on Georgia in recent times. Let us explore more about it below.

Who is Candace Wheeler Montgomery?

Candace Wheeler, also called Candy, is a housewife hailing from the United States. Her ex-husband’s name is Pat Mongomery, an electrical engineer. They were parents to a son and a daughter. Candace came into the media limelight by committing a heinous act in 1980 when she was thirty years old. She lived in Wylie, a place in Texas, during that time.

What Was the Much-Discussed Occurrence?

One of Candy’s neighbors was Betty Gore. The two ladies met at a church service and became close friends. Betty was the mother of two children and the wife of Allan. However, Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist, adhered to an illicit relationship with Allan, which became the foundation of the detestable act.  

On 13 June 1980, Candy went to Betty’s house to collect Alisa’s swimwear. Alisa, Betty’s elder daughter, was in Candy’s home the previous night. The next morning, Candy planned to drop her to the swimming class. On encountering Candy, Betty began arguing with her regarding her extramarital relationship with Allan. 

According to Candy’s court statement, Betty took out an axe from her garage to hit Candy. As an act of self-defense, Candy hit her back with the axe, which proved to be lethal. The forensic report suggested that Candace Wheeler Montgomery stroke Betty forty-one times with the heavy tool.

What was the Aftermath of the Above Incident?

Candance Wheeler appeared in court in October 1980, where she pleaded for release and convinced the judge about her act in self-defense. The lie detector system proved her to be honest in her statements. Also, a hypnotic phenomenon indicated she lost control of her mind listening to the word “sush” due to childhood trauma. The court found Candy not guilty on 30 October 1980, however, too many people’s disagreement who thought it was an injustice. 

The Closing Thoughts 

After being proven not guilty, Candy and her spouse moved to Georgia, and the two got divorced. According to most sources, Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist is supposedly a mental therapist now. The TV series on Hulu and its reviews about Candy has made people curious about this character. 

Did you watch the Candy series on Hulu? Please share your opinions below.

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