Centroaplis Con {July} Check Features, How Safe It Is!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Centroaplis Con to know about website hosting topics and apps related to Android and iOS.

Are you interested in mobile applications and games? Do you want to learn more tips and tricks to efficiently utilize mobile apps and games? Would you like to know about a website providing mobile apps and games from third-party websites to be imported on mobile devices Worldwide

Do you install a version of third-party games with additional features and unlocked versions? Then, let’s check about Centroaplis Con.

About Centroaplis:

Centroaplis is a new SCAM website featuring games and topics related to Android and iOS games and applications. The website features tutorial videos of several games. It featured:

  1. Twenty-six apps and topics
  2. Thirty-two games related to Android, and
  3. Twenty-five topics

Centroaplis was registered on 4th April 2022, in the USA. It is three months and twenty-ninth days old. The website expires within eight months and four days on 4th April 2023.

Centroaplis does not host files that can be imported. Instead, it provides links to topstore.vip website that allows importing hacked MODs of Android and iOS apps and games.

The Legitimacy of Centroaplis.com:

Centroaplis gained a 1% Trust score, a poor 2,660,958 Alexa Ranking, and a terrible 3.4% Business Ranking. Further, Centroaplis scored high 45% on threat and phishing profiles. 

It scored 15% on suspicious website profiles, 17% on malware, and 28% on Spam profiles. These features suggest that it is an unsafe website to be accessed on user devices and a high-risk website for users’ personal and payment data.

Any blacklisting engines did not blacklist Centroaplis. Centroaplis uses a secured HTTPS protocol to transmit data. Centroaplis has a valid SSL certificate for the next 55 days. It provides services via two servers located in the USA.

Features of Centroaplis Con:

The identity and contact information of Centroaplis owner is hidden using censorship services from Domain Protection Services Inc. Centroaplis did not include a privacy policy and terms of usage. However, it had general cookie policies, which do not specify what information is stored in cookies generated by Centroaplis.

Centroaplis did not include a customer service contact number. However, a contact email address – jorge3135103866@gmail.com was available on its ‘contact us page. @tecnoaplis is present on Facebook with 2,248 subscribers, and @jesuscalderab on Instagram with 659 subscribers. 

The Centroaplis Con Instagram pages show Jesus Caldera as a video creator and include general and personal videos unrelated to games and apps. 

@awytutos YouTube channel has more than 76K subscribers and features more than 370 videos related to mobile apps and games. The YouTube page @awytutos also cross-references awytutos.com.


Centroaplis publicly provides links for importing iOS and Android apps and games from third-party websites. Such apps and games are illegitimate as they are hacked and unlocked. For this reason, such apps and games may contain malware that installs mini-apps, ads, and software on your device that are not secured for users’ personal and payment information. Centroaplis Con reviews conclude that it is a Scam.

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