Cern Experiment July 5TH – Celebrating 10th Anniversary!

This post on Cern Experiment July 5TH will help you understand this experiment’s specifications.

Have you heard about the experiment conducted by CERN on July 5? CERN plans to experiment on unprecedented energy levels on July 5. People from the United States are thrilled about this experiment. This post on Cern Experiment July 5TH will provide all the important information about the experiment.

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What makes this experiment sensational?

CERN is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson from 3rd to 5th July. It invites people from all over the world to join them in a historic week of particle physics. Social media users have said that the experiment to be performed by CERN on July 5 will open a portal to different dimensions. People say there could be time shifts or mandala effects on July 5. Also, there could be vortexes in the sky as CERN is going to restart at the highest levels ever in that reactor.

Cern Collider July 5TH Effects

People are making a lot of conspiracy theories about the effects of CERN’s experiment on July 5. Some of the conspiracy theories related to the experiment are true. Like the CMS detectors and the ATLAS at CERN, expect more collisions during phase of run 3 than in the previous LHC physics run. The collider is expected to reach a new world record of around 13.6 trillion electron volts. But the theories where people say that CERN is planning to open a portal to spiritual beings might be false because it is more scriptural. 

Events from 3rd to 5th July by CERN

Cern Experiment July 5TH is the most sensational experiment. However, CERN plans a series of events from 3rd to 5th July. On July 3, a special evening will be hosted by the globe of science and innovation with the filmmakers who made the documentary Particle Fever. A live webcast of this event will be available online. Then, on July 4, there will be a full-day scientific conference in CERN’s main auditorium. And finally, on July 5, CERN will start a new period of data tracking at the large hadron collider called run 3.

Reason for CERN’s celebration

Cern Experiment July 5TH is a really important event or experiment by CERN. However, there is a reason for this experiment. CERN is celebrating its 10th anniversary of discovering the Higgs boson or Higgs particle. Higgs particle is an elementary particle that peter Higgs first discovered. Leon Lederman, a great physicist, called it a god particle in 1993. Higgs particle is also very rare to find, and it doesn’t last long. Finally, a group of scientists discovered it on July 4, 2012. 


To end this post, we can say that Cern Experiment July 5TH is exciting and interesting. People should attend this experiment or watch a live webcast. Please visit this page to know more about this experiment

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