Charleston White Dead {Sep} Read Every Details Here!

This write-up is about the news of the Charleston White Dead. Read the details and learn the facts.

Are you shocked about Charleston’s death? Is the controversial YouTuber shot himself? Many YouTubers across the United States and worldwide who have been following Charleston and watching his video clips are shocked by the incident.

The well-known YouTuber, Charleston, is claimed by many to be dead and shot himself. But, it would help if you confirmed the truth before believing it. Check the post below and find out the reason behind Charleston White Dead.

Is Charles dead?

The social networking sites have recently been buzzing with stories of Charleston White, the renowned YouTuber, killing himself. However, Freddie Gibbs is responding to the report. According to early Friday, September 16, 2022, morning sources, notorious YouTuber Charleston White killed himself with a shot while having a good time at a Dallas strip club. 

However, the YouTuber was not dead and was only injured in the incident. In his Twitter response to reports, Freddie Gibbs seemed to take satisfaction in the fact that White had unusually hurt himself. 

Charleston White Dead:

Charleston has always gained notoriety in hip-hop for his derogatory remarks regarding rap artists. But the social media networks shook with the news, and people started discussing and confirming if YouTubers survived or not. However, he mistakenly shot himself in the leg. Charleston is only injured. 

Charleston’s dispute with Soulja Boy:

Charleston was involved in a dispute with Soulja Boy during summers, which led to a brawl involving Soulja Boy and Charleston in Miami. When Soulja and his crew reportedly approached Charleston on a Miami street, Charleston said he physically attacked the rap star. But, the news that Charleston White Dead is untrue.

Also, Charleston was criticized by Soulja Boy for not confronting the rap star one-on-one once the attack was proven. Subsequently, Charleston asserted that he would file a complaint against Soulja Boy. Charleston is a contentious social media figure who has drawn criticism for his outspoken views, including renowned entertainers on his YouTube channel. 

Additional facts about Charleston:

Charleston was previous a gang leader in his adolescence. However, he could rebuild himself despite spending time behind bars for his youthful offenses. Charleston has gained a considerable social media following. So, the news quickly spread that Charleston White Dead.

His popularity after quitting his criminal life was due to his YouTube comments on rap songs and other important topics. Besides, his remarks on George Floyd, DMX, the late rap star, and the demises of King Von and Nipsey Hussle caused a few of his main controversies.


Charleston White is a YouTuber who gained fame due to his controversial remarks. You can check more about Charleston White here.  Recently, the news about Charleston’s death surfaced on social networking sites. Many believed that the YouTuber passed away by showing himself. But, the YouTuber, Charleston, is alive and had a leg injury.

Is Charleston White Dead? Write your views about the trending news in the comment section.

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