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Charlie Hill Birmingham is a post dedicated to the names that came along as a search result of a famous comedian whose Google celebrated a birthday.

Do you know about the author of the book memoir, “I don’t want to go to the Taj Mahal” (2020)? Do you want to know about this writer from Birmingham?

Google celebrated the 71st birthday of Charlie Hill. But do you know who he is? People across the United States are now confused if both people are the same. If you also want to know about these two legends, continue reading Charlie Hill Birmingham post.

About Birmingham-based author:

Charlie Hill, who wrote multiple poems, short stories, books, and novels, is a native of Birmingham and spent most of his life there. He is a former director and co-founder of the PowWow Festival of Writing, which lasted from 2011 to 2017.

In addition, he is a tutor at Arvon Masterclass. Apart from writings, he also appeared at numerous festivities, such as Frankfurt’s Literature. 

On July 6, Google celebrated 71st birthday of Charlie Hill, but he is not the same person as the Birmingham-based Charlie Hill Writer and author.

Then, who was Charlie Hill?

Charlie Hill, whose birthday was July 6, 1951, was born in Detroit and is honoured throughout the comedy zone. Hill moved to the Wisconsin Oneida Nation tribe when he was 11. From childhood, he enjoyed comedy while watching TV, especially the Dick Gregory show. In the show, Gregory used comedy to draw attention to social injustices.

Charlie Hill, a well-known and still-loved American actor and comedian helped protect his native identity, fight against racial stereotypes, and raise awareness of discrimination. Google on Wednesday recognized Charlie Hill by making Doodle specifically for this reason.

Charlie Hill Young: More about him

In 1977, Hill got an opportunity to appear in The Richard Pryor Show, which was a wonderful moment for him to debut. But he rejected it when the show’s creators requested him to play a derogatory portrayal from a Native American and he thought that any professional opportunity isn’t that important compared to his obligation to prevent the spread of racial stereotypes.

After that, he appeared in many shows like Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He also wrote Roseanne, a Tv show. Unfortunately, he died battling lymphoma cancer in December 2013.

Charlie Hill Linda Hogan relationship

Linda Hogan was born in August 1959; Colorado is the divorced wife of wrestler Hulk Hogan. They divorced in 2009 but have two kids, Brook (26 years old) and Nick (24 years old). In 2008 Linda started dating Charlie Hill (not the same person we discussed earlier).

But back then, as per online sources, Linda was 48 years old, whereas newly boyfriend Charlie was only 19. Linda broke up in 2012, stating that Charlie is nearly 30 years junior to her.

She is in news highlights because Hulk announced his divorce from second wife Jennifer McDaniel this week. Therefore, people were eager to know about his first wife, Linda Hogan too.


Charles Hill Dirk is another name searched as Google celebrated the 71st birthday of Charlie Hill. But Charles Hill is an actor who worked as Dirk in The Golden Girl (1985-1988), Woody Thrope in The Catlins (1983-1984), and Rebel captain in Rebel Love (1985). You can read about yesterday’s Google Doodle from the archive here. 

Do you know another famous Charlie Hill? Then comment; all the personalities we discussed here are different, and we hope you understand.

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