Barcelona’s Masterpieces_ Church & Museums

Are you visiting Barcelona this year and curious about the city’s strong ties to the Catholic faith? Or perhaps you’re just seeking a place to talk to the big man upstairs? See which church in our list of the top Church in Barcelona best suits your needs.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia isn’t just the best Church in Barcelona, it’s also one of the world’s most distinctive and striking structures. One of Barcelona’s most notable landmarks is the Antoni Gaud building, which is only now, 120 years after construction began, close to completion.

The intricate design of every component, including the spires and internal façades, was based on Christian themes. Every inch has significance. It is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the city, Christian or not, because there is nothing else on Earth exactly like it.

Santa Maria del Mar Basilica

This church, which is devoted to Eulalia of Barcelona, is also known as a Barcelona cathedral. This marvel of a church took almost 150 years to complete. The choir stand and the stained glass simply draw your attention. This church in Barcelona doesn’t receive enough credit because it has been operating in La Sagrada Familia’s shadow.

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar

One more outstanding illustration of Catalan Gothic architecture. It took about 54 years to build this church. You must go to El Born, one of the city’s nicest neighborhoods, to see its beauty. You shouldn’t evaluate this masterpiece by its outside; instead, step inside and prepare to be amazed by the symmetrical yet roomy interiors.

Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

This church in Barcelona offers a hawk’s eye perspective of the Mighty Barcelona because it is located on Mount Tibidabo, the tallest hill in western Barcelona.

For the greatest view of the city, don’t forget to ascend to the top of the church.

Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi

One of those classic Catholic churches in Barcelona, this one is distinguished by its simplicity. The pine tree that is in front of the church is where it acquired its name.

You should schedule some time to see at least a few of Barcelona museums while you visit the city. You will have a wide variety of museums to select from in Barcelona because there are more than 55 of them. Narrowing down your choices will be the hardest. Here are a few of the most well-liked activities that you shouldn’t miss if you just have a few days to spend in Spain’s most popular city.

Museum Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

When visiting Barcelona, you already know that you must visit the enormous Sagrada Familia, so while you’re there, you might as well browse the museum housed there. Viewing the intricacies and images on exhibit is one way to truly comprehend how much time was spent on this enormous monument. You shouldn’t be shocked if there is a line to visit the model of this building when it is  finally finished as this is one of the well-known Museums in Barcelona.

Museum Picasso

Out of all the Barcelona Museum, this is a must-visit because everyone has heard of Picasso and his life. This museum consists of five buildings, and more than 4,000 works of art by Picasso are displayed there. Even though you can explore this museum on your own, you might want to join a guided tour to discover even more about this artist and the pieces that he produced throughout his life, particularly in his earlier years.

Museum D’Història De Catalunya

The Museum of Catalonia’s History is one of Barcelona’s top institutions for learning about the past of the country. The General Trade Warehouse, currently known as the Palau de Mar, is where you can find this Barcelona Museum. This location was created so that visitors may engage with all of the artifacts and displays, making it a wonderful choice if you’re traveling with children. The terrace, which is located at the top of the structure, is the best portion of the entire museum. It offers breathtaking vistas in addition to the opportunity to eat at the magnificent 1881 restaurant, which serves delectable Catalan cuisine.

These are not the only museums you should visit if you have the spare time. If you can, add a few more to complete your visit to one of Spain’s most important cultural centers.

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