Cindy Crawford Niece {Aug 2022} Read The Entire Details!

In this article, we will talk about the Cindy Crawford Niece picture that went viral on social media when she posed like her aunt.

Do you know who Cindy Crawford’s Niece is? Why are people searching for their niece, Cindy, on the internet? Cindy Crawford has a niece named Lark Skov. Lark’s recent post on social media is trending when she tries to replicate her aunt and dress like her. 

So people in various countries like the United States, Canada, etc., are curious to find out her picture as it went viral and she is dressing like Cindy Crawford as she did in the early 90s. Let’s talk about Cindy Crawford Niece social media post and why it went viral.

Who is Lark Skov?

According to the sources reports, Lark Skov is the niece of supermodel of 80s and 90s Cindy Crawford. Recently she posted her picture for Halloween. In the picture, she dressed as her aunt and was praised by everyone on social media. Her pictures went viral on other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

She gave a perfect pose like Cindy used to do as her trademark. The picture was so perfect and similar to Cindy as she used to look at her young age.

Cindy Crawford Siblings

Cindy Crawford has 3 siblings; two of them are sisters, Danielle and Chris, and one brother Jeffery who died at the age of three due to leukemia.

Children of Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford has 2 children named Pressly Walker, the older boy, and Kaia Jordan, the younger daughter, with Rande Gerber, who married in 1998 after her divorce from her first husband, Richard Gere.

Later, both the kids started their careers in modelling, following their parents’ passion and style. However, Kaia is achieving good Fame in the modelling industry, and following that, she is also getting multiple offers from Hollywood.

Cindy Crawford Niece

The recent trending picture of Cindy’s niece Lark Skov went viral when she tried to replicate her aunt’s modelling pose in her early 90s. She dresses exactly like her aunt and gives the best modelling pose, which used to be the signature pose of Cindy Crawford.

When people saw this picture of Lark, they were excited to find out whether she was also approaching the Bloodline profession of modelling. Moreover, her photo went viral on Google, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. However, Cindy Crawford Siblings are already following the modelling career, and Cindy’s daughter is gaining a lot of fame in the modelling industry and making her family proud.


Cindy Crawford’s Niece uploaded her picture resembling her aunt, giving her signature pose and dressing up like her. Public praises her photo and is delighted to find out whether she is also entering the modelling industry.

Did you know about Lark Skov earlier? You can share your comments in reviews in the section below. Also, to read more info on Cindy Crawford Niece, you can open this link to know about Cindy Crawford.

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