Codes for Era of Althea {August 2022} Pro Game Guide!

In this post on Codes for Era of Althea, we will guide our readers about the game’s codes, all three tier lists and information about Trello.

Are you a Roblox Player? And enjoy playing the Era of Althea Adventures game? Then, this post is for all the Worldwide Roblox players because we will decode all the codes and the entire trier list, which will assist you alot. The Era of Althea is not so effortless to play, but if you desire an excellent, challenging adventure game, then Era of Althea is perfect. Continue reading this post on Codes for Era of Althea.

Code List of Era of Althea

Here are some tried and tested codes to earn free rewards, so check this out.

BugFixes—reward: any free rewards [New]

RankedMobileUsers—Reward: eye color reroll [New]

DetestFiveSpins—Reward: 5 spins [New]

1MillionVisits—reward: any free rewards [New]

DamnMyBad—reward: 75 spins [New]

ChadMobileUsers—reward: 30 spins [New]

The Era Of Althea Codes, Which Got Expired

These Era of Althea codes are not working anymore.

  • MyApologies!
  • NewUpdate??
  • 15KLIKES!
  • 25LIKES!
  • MaineEOA
  • AltheaHype!
  • ShutdownForFixes!
  • ShutdownForFixesA!
  • ShutdownForFixes2!
  • 1500Likes
  • 3000Likes
  • TrueSupport!
  • 6000Likes2
  • E0A

Don’t forget to check out the Era of  Althea tier list, which we have mentioned below.

Era of Althea Tier List

Here we are going to discuss all tiers specifically:

  • Traits
  • Races
  • Snap

Note: one example from each tier. So kindly read this post till the end.

 Era Of Althea: Race Tier List

We will discuss one which is most potent and valuable. We generally find Noble, Elf and Linger better, which increases magic and momentum bonuses from the race.

Tier Era of Althea(race)

S–1. Noble 2. Elf.

A – 2. Linger 

B – 1. Jakon

 C– 1. Human 2. Xoviac.

Tier  Era of Althea(traits) 

S   1. Blade Master 2. Elven Blood 

A   1. Game Addict 2. Alchemist 

B   1. Resilient 2. Blacksmith 

C   1. Traitless 

Era of Althea Snap Tier List

Before trying any other snap, we recommend you use each snap to know whether it suits your playing style or playstyle.

Tiers Era of Althea(Snap)

S    1. Demon 2. Time 3. Spatial 

A   1. Compose 2. Heavenly Body

B   1. Frost 2. Explosion 3. Light  

C  1. Dark 2. Fire 3. Water 4. Wind 

We have recommended the most practical and helpful tier list, increasing your probability of getting extra spins and bonuses. Don’t forget to check the information about the Era of Althea Trello, which we have discussed below.

The Era of Althea Trello

 In simple words, Trello works as a helping hand for the Roblox player. Trello is an official helping hand made by the developer to guide players about the game’s rules, fundamentals or basics.

Trello covers spins and stats, NPCs, Weapons, Snaps, Currencies, Armor, Traits, Races, Accessories, Items and more.


Summing up this post, we have provided a complete guide on the Era of Althea Code list, its tier list, and Trello. If you want to know about the Era of Althea, check this link for additional information.

Was this post Codes for Era of Althea helpful? Let us know.

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