Columbus Indigenous Peoples Day 2022-What Is Federal Holiday? When Is It Celebrated In October? Explore Now!

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Have you heard about Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Do you know when this day will be celebrated? If you have no idea what we are talking about, please go through the full Columbus Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 article to get all the information about Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

Recently, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. So, we request you to read the article to learn about this special day and when the day is coming. 


About the Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

Indigenous Peoples’ Day will be celebrated to honor the resilience, sovereignty, culture, and immense contribution of the natives of America. Columbus Day 2022 Federal Holiday will be celebrated this October. Now you must be thinking: When is the date? On 10th October 2022, the second Monday, the natives of America will celebrate the day. 

This day will reflect on the tribal roots of American natives and their tragic stories. These stories may hurt, but they also strengthen the community. That’s the reason why Joe Biden declared 10th October as a holiday. 

The history behind the Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 Federal Holiday:

In 1977, at a U.N. international conference on discrimination, Indigenous Peoples’ Days’ first seed was planted. In 1989, South Dakota first recognized the day. Next, California, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley recognized the day. 

Up to 1937, people recognized the day as Columbus Day. But many natives of America started to call the day Indigenous Peoples’ Day to celebrate the tribal roots and rich culture of the American natives. 

Why Indigenous Peoples Day October 2022 is hurtful for American natives?

The day is hurtful for the American natives because they will remember it for the violent past. European explorers like Columbus tortured the tribal American natives for five hundred years. While celebrating Columbus Day, the pain, suffering, broken promises, and trauma of the tribal American natives were erased. To commemorate all the pain and suffering of the American tribes, American natives decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

When Is Indigenous Peoples Day 2022?

As we mentioned earlier, on 10th October 2022, American natives will celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. You will be amazed to know that more than 130 cities and 14 states of the U.S celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Towns like Amherst, Northampton, Great Barrington, Brookline, Salem, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, and Provincetown observe the day. 


People from different states of the U.S decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and not Columbus Day. So, now you know When Is Indigenous Peoples Day? Click here to get information about the federal holidays in the U.S.

Will you celebrate the day as Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Please comment. 

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