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Who is Cookie Swirl C? What is the rumor about her? If you want answers to these questions, please go through the Cookieswirlc Real Name article and connect with us.

Do you love to watch YouTube videos? Have you heard around Cookie Swirl C? It can depend on your answer. Because many of you know around Cookie Swirl C, but many of you don’t. Cookie Swirl C is one of the most popular YouTubers in the United States. She mainly makes unboxing videos of toys. 

If you have kids and they like to watch YouTube videos, then they might know her. But what is her real name? Do you know? Please follow the Cookieswirlc Real Name article to know more about her. 

What is the actual name of Cookie Swirl C?

Cookie Swirl C keeps her personal life private. And we think that’s a good job. But after so much research, we came to know that her real name is Candace. We could not find her surname, though. Candace is famous on YouTube as Cookie Swirl C. Her short forename is Candy. 

On 14th March 1997, Candace, also known as Cookie Swirl C, was born in California. In 2007, she posted her first video on YouTube. It was a video of her sharing that she used to play with herself in her room in her childhood. 

Is Cookie Swirl C a PH Star?

After being famous as a great YouTuber, rumors started spreading about her that she is a P star. According to some reports, Cookie Swirl C said she is not a P star. Being a famous YouTuber, she gained millions of views on her videos. And being famous sometimes feels like a crime. Just like Cookie Swirl C is now facing the allegation that she is a P star.

What do you think about this? We always suggest our readers not to believe such rumors. She is not a P star. We should not spread such fake news. Keep reading the Is Cookie Swirl C a PH Star article to know more details about her. 

The YouTube career of Cookie Swirl C:

As we mentioned earlier, in 2007, she posted her first video on YouTube. After that video, she started receiving positive comments, and the viewers encouraged her to make more videos. Thus, Cookie Swirl C decided to make more videos. 

She began her YouTube channel named HoneyheartsC, and till now, she has been running that channel. From childhood, Cookie Swirl C was obsessed with horses. On her YouTube channel, she posts horse toys review videos and also videos of her horses. 

The net worth of Cookie Swirl C- Cookieswirlc Real Name

You will be amazed to know that the net worth of Cookie Swirl C is around $25 million. Yes, you are reading it correctly. She has more than 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In addition, she gained more than 2 billion views on her YouTube videos. In 2013, Cookie created another YouTube channel named CookieSwirlC which posted unboxing videos of toys, reviews of toys, and also cooking tutorials.

Closing Discussion:

In the HoneyheartsC channel, Cookie has around 1.2 million subscribers; in the CookieSwirlC channel, she has more than 12 million subscribers. We hope today’s Cookieswirlc Real Name article helped you to gain more information of Cookie Swirl C. By clicking the link, you will get more information about YouTube videos.

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