How to Turn Your Creative Ideas into Essay Topics

Academic writing can feel pretty restrictive. There is a rigid set of rules to follow that implies a formal and straight-to-the-point style. There is not much left for self-expression since it is required to write the majority of your papers in the third person. Still, it does not mean that academic writing is devoid of creativity. 

You would need originality and out-of-the-box thinking to write a meaningful and engaging research paper. Thus, there is enough room to apply your creative ideas to your uni writing assignments. You’d just need to follow these easy tips, and you’d be impressing your professor with the most creative essay topic in no time. 

Find the link to academia

The first thing you need to do is to search for a way to align your creative idea with the academic environment. When you order essay online, you know that professionals at essay writing services present the topic relying on peer-reviewed scholarly sources. Thus, there should be an academic discourse around the subject matter of your creative idea. 

For instance, you might be good at writing horror stories. You have tons of creative ideas about building a plot full of thrill and suspense. Notably, you can apply this to your subject on American history by choosing to research a real-life mystery surrounding a certain event or historical figure.

However, to make this research paper academically valid, you need to rely solely on a reliable scholarly database about the said mystery. Use your creative idea as a prompt for a topic but do not fall for hearsay or sketchy conspiracy websites. Look at it through the critical lens staying within academic discourse. 

Keep your focus

Another important thing is narrowing down your creative ideas to not stray away from the requirements of your assignment. This exercise is necessary for you to maintain an academic perspective while unleashing your creativity. Remember to take your creative idea as a starting point and use it as a filter to come up with both interesting and relevant topics.  

Following the previous example, you can always apply your interest in the macabre to mundane topics. Let’s say you might need to write about clothing manufacturing in the Victorian period. So, to exercise your creativity, you can look into the use of dangerous fabric pigments such as Paris green full of cobalt arsenite. 

Hence, narrowing down your topic is the process of applying your creative ideas to academic requirements. As well as searching for the best essay reviews at, finding a sweet spot between creative and scholarly will take time. But it is worth trying to not only get an A but to expand your knowledge and creativity. 

Look at what others have to say

When you struggle with finding a link between your creative idea and the topic for your essay, turn to scholarly sources. It might not be obvious at first, but there is a high chance of finding an aspect discussed in academia and appealing to your creativity. An essay writer always relies on credible data if they want the customer to pay for essay

Hence, it is crucial to base your topic research solely on academically approved information. To find this perfect solution consider trying the next steps:

  • Come up with the keywords for your search. They do not have to be specific. Just something that will point you in the desirable direction. For example, type into your subject matter and add words like “mystery” or “creepy” to stumble upon something where you can exercise your creativity.
  • After you find your story, research this specific event or person in reliable databases like EBSCO or Google Scholar. Pay attention to the authors of the books and articles. There might be someone who researched the topic from the same creative perspective as you’re trying to do.

Draft your thesis statement

Finally, take into consideration the most important part of any essay – your thesis statement. There is no use in coming up with an original topic if it does not lead you to a concise thesis.   

Make sure that your topic opens you up to specific suggestions that can be explored within the essay format.

To do so, note questions that you might have when researching your field of interest. Having a rough idea of the research question will allow you to craft a strong thesis statement. Even when exercising creativity, be diligent in your research. As exciting as finding a unique topic is, do not be carried away from the initial task. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Look for the connection between your creative ideas and academic discourse, maintain your focus when narrowing down the topic, rely solely on credible peer-reviewed sources, and make sure your topic leads you to your thesis statement. Follow these simple tips and never struggle with turning your creative ideas into essay topics again. 

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