These Cryptos are Exhibiting the Speediest Growth, in 2022

Every investor is keen to become wealthy as quickly as possible! Therefore, the Google search engine remains busy all day, and every day, while people search for digital currencies exhibiting the rapidest growth. Sometimes, it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other well-reputed coins/tokens that hold sway. At other times, varied altcoins, however new they may be, take over. Create a free account now to start trading stable coins, bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

Nonetheless, the old-timers have first-hand knowledge about the bullish runs and the bearish ones. Then again, reports have suggested that gaming on blockchains, and assets related to cryptocurrencies, are gaining in popularity. 

These experts have picked out the top three digital currencies for 2022. 


Commonly known as Tamadoge, TAMA had its first, successful presale in October 2022. Over 75% of its token allocation is completely sold out. This amounts to around $15 million, which should go even higher before the month ends. 

This information suggests that meme coins are doing very well, compared to other coins/tokens. After all, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin had glorious runs in 2021, despite an ongoing crypto winter. Tamadoge has taken over, labelling itself as the Play-to-Earn Dogecoin. 

Tamadoge has taken off, with a clear roadmap on view. Furthermore, it possesses play-to-earn utility. Users are welcome to create/mint their own Tamadoge NFTs. They may even breed these NFT dogs, and train them for battle. The battles will occur on monthly leaderboards. This way, users may gain rewards, if they win. The prizes will be in the form of Tamadoge tokens.

Around two billion Tamadoge tokens are available. Once the presale ends, the remaining tokens will find themselves on the lists of LBank, and Uniswap.


It refers to a blockchain-based, digital currency platform. Investors may hoard IMPT tokens, and grow their wealth. Currently, the presale has already fetched profits worth more than $1 million. The price of the token has moved from $0.018, to $0.023. 

However, the company is keen to promote the IMPT token as an extremely sustainable cryptocurrency. Therefore, whoever purchases anything from the company’s retail partners, receives rewards in the form of IMPT tokens. These retail stores associate with organizations that are eager to lessen the carbon footprint. In other words, they offer donations to projects that are striving to reverse the adverse effects of climate change. 

Two, it encourages investors to support environmentally-fruitful causes. Both, individuals, and institutions/businesses, may take note of their own carbon footprints. Those, who contribute positively, will receive rewards in the form of points. 

Similarly, carbon credits experience burning, during the conversion of IMPT tokens. In simple language, the carbon credits undergo minting, to become NFTs. Investors may hoard/sell these assets, as they please.


It belongs to the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, just as BNB (Binance coin) does. It has been experiencing an extremely strong bullish run, since the latter half of 2019. Therefore, it has been in tremendous competition with BTC (Bitcoin). 

The credit for bringing FTT to the top of the digital currency charts, goes to Sam Bankman-Fried and his team. He is amongst the youngest CEOs in the crypto world, being merely 30 years old! Forbes’ survey revealed this billionaire’s personal worth to be $22.5 billion. 

The CEO is going all out to ensure that FTT, also renowned as SBF, receives the label of Amazon of Crypto. Towards this end, Bankman-Fried is purchasing the assets of organizations that underwent bankruptcy in 2022. They include, BlockFi, Voyager, etc. 

Such events led to investors considering the token to be a secure and profitable asset. Users are also happy to receive discounts on fees, while using the FTX trading platform. Those, possessing/staking FTT tokens, are bound to obtain maker rebates, whenever future trading on derivatives pairs, occurs.

Other Coins/Tokens

There are several other coins/tokens, which should prove gainful, during 2022. 

One of them is ETH (Ethereum). Its current pricing is $1,500, indicating how speedily it has been growing over the last eight years.

Another worthy digital asset is IBAT (Battle Infinity). It refers to a BEP-20 token. The supply is fixed, around 10 billion. During its presale, IBAT’s value rose by 700%.  It is listed no both, LBank, and PancakeSwap.

Other useful investments, include DeFi Coin, Lucky Block, Binance, and Bitcoin.

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