What Happened in the Deadman Reborn Finals

The latest Deadman Reborn Finals that concluded recently is making headlines due to a DDoS attack the participants experienced.

Deadman Reborn is one of OSRS’ seasonal game modes. It runs for about three weeks and concludes with a final tournament where the top 2048 compete in a 1v1 single-elimination bracket. Deadman is a full loot PvP mode where you can even lose OSRS GP from your bank, as when you die, ten stacks from your bank that are worth the most OSRS gold are passed on to your killer in the form of a loot key. The event is a hoot to watch, even more so when you participate, so just what exactly happened in the latest Deadman Reborn finals?

The Prize Pool

It is crucial to understand how competitive this game mode is and how the finals work to entirely grasp what happened during the finals. It is also essential to know some basic mechanics you’d face if you were to engage in probably the most challenging PvP game mode for OSRS.

The competition winners are awarded prizes from cash to 12 months of membership. Currently, no OSRS gold prizes exist, and the participants cannot translate their Deadman accomplishments into OSRS GP, unlike the other seasonal game mode, Leagues. While in Leagues, you can earn League points and buy cosmetic upgrades, which you can then sell on the Grand Exchange. With Deadman, you won’t earn anything for your main unless you’re one of the top 15 players.

Deadman is A Highly Competitive Game Mode

Deadman is the mode that encompasses the competitive level to which OSRS can get to its fullest. Besides losing OSRS items on the regular servers for PvP deaths, you will also lose progress when you die. This can be insanely costly, even though you will gain XP at five times the average rates and even 20 times more XP in the first 30 minutes of gameplay and ten times the XP for the first 6 hours. 

You will also be able to save some skills from getting downgraded, but it will still be a painful experience. You need two main qualities to play Deadman: a lot of resilience and a tremendous competitive spirit. That’s beside the mechanical skills needed for PvP. The skull mechanics also emphasize the competitive nature of the game mode; you’re discouraged from fighting unfair fights and encouraged to fight fair fights.

The Mechanics for Deadman Reborn Finals

If you made it to the finals, first of all, congrats, you’re undoubtedly a top player, and many envy your skills already! You’ll now need to face different opponents as you progress through the brackets and get closer and closer to the last rounds.

Before the first round begins, you can access your bank as if in a safe zone. You’ll also be able to have a last-time play with your sigils. Once the first round begins, you’ll be given a few OSRS items:

  • One four-dose of Saradomin Brew
  • One four-dose of Super Restore
  • One four-dose of Senfew Serum
  • One four-dose of Antivenom
  • One two-dose of Super combat
  • One two-dose of Raging Pot
  • Ten Sharks
  • One Anglerfish
  • Four Karambwans

If you move to the next round, the remaining stuff in your inventory will be destroyed, and you’ll receive another inventory full of these goodies to help you in the next fight. This goes on until the very last round.

A brutal mechanic is that once a fight starts, there’s no way to restart it, so if you’re unlucky enough to disconnect during the fight, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. You’ll simply get disqualified.

A DDoS Attack Happened in the Recent Deadman Reborn Finals

The competitive nature, the prize pool, and the final design make the tournament prone to incidents or attacks. There’s a lot at stake, and whenever there’s PvP, many feelings are also involved. After all, any PvP tournament risks experiencing attacks that will disrupt the smoothness of the events in any game.

Since such risks are well known, Jagex was prepared to face them! That doesn’t mean that the Deadman finale didn’t experience interruptions. In the latest finals for Deadman Reborn, OSRS received a DDoS attack from unknown hackers. Fortunately, Jagex mitigated the situation quickly, and it only lasted for around 60 minutes.

A fascinating aspect of the Deadman Finals is that Jagex chooses not to stream them or create a marketing campaign around them like the habit is with these sorts of game tournaments. The Deadman Reborn re-run had such little publicity and exposure that many OSRS players were unaware it was going on.

The Victors of the Spoils

After double-checking the winners and confirming no cheating happened, Jagex finally announced the winners of the 2022 deadman reborn in the June Gielinor gazette. The winners of the deadman finals are:

  • 1st Place- $20,000: Pid Grabber
  • 2nd Place- $10,000: AL QUDDOOS
  • 3rd Place- $1,000: DR3CARY
  • 4th Place- $1,000: Koru
  • 5th-16th Place – 12 Months Membership:
  • Ionia
  • Umub
  • BallerNo2K
  • audwth
  • RRobert
  • tmnt4lyfe
  • FroggyFaker5
  • pinkbowpetal
  • Riconeous
  • wakizashi59
  • Pee Shiesty

Making Deadman Reborn Popular to the Masses

While the experience in itself might be worth it for most if not all of the players who participated in the Deadman Reborn re-run, the game mode could gain more popularity if there were rewards that you could turn into either cosmetic items or OSRS GP. This is because while being so invested in the weeks of grinding on a different character, many players could feel that they are wasting time—time in which they could either skill up or obtain more OSRS gold to help with skilling and gear progression. This idea has for sure its negative aspects and some potential for abuse.

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