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This post is on Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader, where we made people aware of the ongoing controversy.

Who is Remi? Why is she trending all over the internet? Today we are going to talk about Remi Bader who is a TikTok star from the United States who recently broke the internet with a post on how she was not allowed to ride a horse.

Please read this post on Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader to know what happened with her and why she was denied to ride a horse.

What happened with Remi Bader?

Remi Bader, well known for her relatable clothing content, recently went on a trip with her friends where a ranch denied the TikTok star to ride their horses due to her weight. However, Remi Bader responded to it through her Instagram, saying she has ridden many horses despite being 240.

Remi Bader Trip

Remi Bader, seen with horses on many of her Instagram, seems to be a huge horse lover. Remi Bader Horse rider. That’s what some of her fans say to her. Remi Bader and a few of her influencer friends went on a trip to Montauk in New York. The trip was sponsored by the company Hampton Water. However, the trip didn’t go well for the TikTok star because the Deep hollow Ranch denied her to ride the host.

Remi Bader reaction

Reacting to this denial, Remi posted a TikTok video on Sunday with the text saying, “Shoutout to the Deep Ranch for asking me to leave because my weight is around 240 kg”. The video has got around 1.5 million views. She posted a Deep hollow Ranch Tik Tok too. Also, she wrote a caption saying that “I have ride many horses before, and I have never been denied because of my weight.” Reacting to Bader’s claim, the Ranch said that ” I have two websites on how to ride a horse.” On that website, he mentioned that horse rider should not weigh more than 15% of the total horse’s weight. The video uploaded by a TikTok start was around three minutes and was shoot in a profound and sad tone. Star is receiving a lot of audience appraisal and support.

Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader

In her follow-up post, Remi Bader says that I would never want to hurt small businesses. But what made her post was the inappropriate behavior of one ranch employee out of all the Ranch employees towards her. She also mentions that the owner laughed at her.


In this post, we have cover the recent controversy of a TikTok star and why she was not allowed to enjoy a Horse ride. Also, we have covered the response of Ranch.

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