Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List {May} Discover Codes!

Read the article Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List to play the game. Go through the genuine information about the gameplay.

Have you ever played the game Demon Slayer a Japanese cartoon anime? Do you know that the game has released codes on the Trello website? If you want to know the code information, read the article to fulfil complete game knowledge.

People Worldwide are showing their eagerness to know the clans’ tier. The game has a huge fan base all around the world. The array of codes released earns rewards to the player without cost.

After doing research, we found some news about the game Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List

Latest Clan List:

We can find some clans in the videos that can help you find which is suitable to fight with you. The anime hero characters are listed between insect breathing, sun breathing, stone breathing, etc. Let me give you some anime names and where they have been put in the clan.

  • AGATSUM: 33 % more to thunder breathing.
  • KAMADO: 2X clans damage and water breathing.
  • HIMEJIMA: 33% more damage to stone breathing.
  • SHINOBU: 33% more damage to insect breathing.
  • UZUI: sound breathing and 2X more skills. But the sound skill is very worse in-game right now.

Let us go through the game Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Rarity and a few more details about the game.

About Demon Slayer Legacy

Demon Slayer Legacy is an inspired game by a Japanese cartoon called Demon Slayer. As in the cartoon, the main character is on a mission to destroy the demons and increase energy levels for further playing.

The game has revealed a certain array of codes on the Trello website, which is presented by Roblox officially. The codes are created by fans in this Magna game, having a lot of adventures and combat experiences. The game has been played on desktop only till now, and developers are trying to make it mobile-friendly. 

Latest Codes Related to Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List

Let us sort out a few codes for you that are available to us after having some search for them by our team. Read below to learn about codes created in 2022 to earn more rewards.

  • 2KLIKESCODE: Using this code, players can have free spins.
  • BUGFIXCODESORRY! The codes gain the player to earn 25 free spins
  • 1KLIKESCODE: The code helps the player to take advantage of free spin.

Just use the codes in the game to play at your best in winning the game over demons. The player can get gifts and skills in return by using these codes. 

How to redeem codes on Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List?

The player has to follow these steps to earn his rewards by utilising the codes in the game.

  • Firstly, you have to install the Demon Slayer game on Roblox.
  • Just have a click on the Customization menu.
  • Finally, paste the copied code.

You will be able to have benefited from the codes and gain skills and energy to fight demons with your hero. Playing Demon Slayer gives you pleasure when you destroy badly.

Note: All the information available in the article is from the web.


We have shared genuine information about Demon Slayer Legacy Clan Tier List with you. Go through the complete article to know the codes, anime clans, and how to redeem the codes. Click here for the complete gameplay.

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