Did Cern Already Happen {July} Read All About LHC Here!

In this article, we have discussed Did Cern Already Happen. All the important links and data have been shared in the article.

Have you ever heard about CERN before? Do things related to the universe fascinate you? If you are among those who want to get more details about the subject, then you are at the right place. We will be discussing every important detail related to this topic.

Did Cern Already Happen? People all over Europe, the United States, and other countries are discussing this topic. This subject is attracting a lot of attention from everywhere. Kindly continue reading this article to get more details about this hot topic. Let us find out why people are so curious about the subject and why they are concerned.

When and where?

The world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, located at the CERN control center near Geneva, Switzerland, has turned back on. After being shut down for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for three years, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) restarted on July 5 at 4.47 p.m. and is all set to run for four years at the record energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (TeV). People discussing Did Cern Already Happen 2022 should also know about CERN. You will find the clips on CERN’s social media platforms. A live commentary will be available in five different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

Let us know a bit more about it.

What is CERN

CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear Research) is a research organization located near Geneva, Switzerland. It is known for operating the largest energy particle collider named LHC in the world. The laboratory was established in 1954.

CERN is run by 23 Member states.

The doubt regarding Did Cern Already Happen is clear now. Now we know what CERN is. But we need to know more about its functioning and missions.

The mission of CERN is to help researchers by providing them with a unique range of particle accelerator facilities so they can know what the universe is and how it works.

About LHC

It is the largest and most powerful particle collider. LHC stands for Large Hadron Collider. It was started on September 10, 2008. With the help of its several accelerating structures, it boosts the energy of the particles along the way.

Why are people concerned about Did Cern Already Happen

People are concerned because they think the collider can explode and harm the earth. But the CERN has confirmed that it will not harm as “nature has already done during the lifetime of the Earth.” Everything was done with proper safety and precautions, and no one was put at risk.


A lot of people were curious to know about Cern and its experiment. It did happen, and everything went smoothly and safely. Now the world will know more about some untold truths behind the theories of the universe. Please click these links to learn more about CERN

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