Move Over, DOGE and SHIB – TAMA is Here!

True, crypto enthusiasts are going gaga over TAMA (Tamadoge), the latest entrant into the world of meme coins. Thus far, Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) had held sway. They did fulfil investors’ expectations. However, the ongoing crypto winter has led to huge plunges in their respective pricings. Similarly, they exhibited a lack of utilities in the global marketplace. Even now, both, beginners, and experienced stakeholders, may engage in safe and trustworthy trading, by using the intelligent website, like

When Tamadoge exhibited a great performance, despite a bearish trend on display, investors began to gravitate towards this coin. 

An Introduction to TAMA

Tamadoge is a meme coin. Popularly known as TAMA, it proves useful for all transactions taking place within the Tamadoge ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 coin, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The technological capabilities, and functionality, are greater than those of other meme coins. It is because the meme coin has several attractive features. The tokenomics are strong. Tokenomics refers to the coming together of cryptocurrency tokens and economics. In other words, it refers to the supply and demand features found in a digital currency project. 

TAMA’s technology that deals with NFTs, is excellent, too. Additionally, there is a unique Metaverse in place. It is possible to utilize the TAMA coin for real-world applications, and a game involving P2E (play-to-earn). All transactions that take place on this specific platform, consider TAMA as the main currency. After all, it is every project’s governance token.

Tamadoge Ecosystem’s Project

This project focuses on bringing together virtual pets and trading in NFTs, onto a common platform. To illustrate, Tamagotchi had been an extremely renowned digital pet, during the late 1990s. The Tamadoge ecosystem has designed a moniker, which is like it. A moniker refers to the federating of blockchains with digital identities. 

User may mint/create a unique Tamadoge Pet. The NFT has a dog-like appearance, in alignment with other meme coins. This pet may possess its own unusual qualities, which include both, good, and not-so-good. The creator treats it as a real-life pet, feeding and playing with it.

The manner of caregiving is responsible for how the Tamadoge Pet develops, and grows, over time. Upon reaching adulthood, the creator may permit his/her Pet to participate in competitions. Here, players’ NFTs compete against one another. 

These games/battles take place in the Tamaverse, the combat arena of the Tamadoge ecosystem. There is great rivalry, and therefore, every Pet must be at its best. The winner is the top scorer on the Tamadoge scoreboard. 

The Marketplace Loves TAMA Tokens

There are several reasons why they are so popular amongst crypto enthusiasts.

NFT Interoperability is Excellent

The Metaverse games are keen to leverage the protocols aligned with Web 3.0. Therefore, the platform permits users to create, purchase, or exchange the Tamadoge Pets with one another. 

The avatars that come into play in each game, are wonderfully canine-like in appearance. Since they are NFTs, the characters possess the capabilities that Smart Contracts do. Players may use TAMA tokens for participating in their games of choice.

TAMA is a Deflationary Token

There are just about two billion tokens in circulation. Then again, the burn rate is about 5%. Since deflation enhances scarcity, the value of Tamadoge is bound to rise. As supply diminishes, demand and price, rise.

Absence of Taxation

The Tamadoge project does not invite taxation. This is different from other virtual currency projects, who demand charges for every transaction involving their concerned tokens. 

However, the team here desires the Tamadoge platform to be self-sufficient. It wants the scenario to remain in place, for as long as possible.

Tamadoge Possesses a Safe Network

The security protocols are marvelous! Furthermore, everything is legitimate, as evinced by the explorations of Coinsniper, and Solid Proof.

Listing on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The first digital currency exchange to offer inclusion of Tamadoge in its list, was OKK. Investors are welcome to own OKK wallets, for purchasing and storing TAMA tokens. 

Now, investors may it difficult to access the centralized team of OKK company, because of the restrictions on display at diverse geographical locations. Then, they may approach their other platform, OKK DEX. TAMA has also found a place on the cryptocurrency exchange, LBANK. 

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