Empire Record Label Deaths: Who Is The CEO And Owner Of The Company? Who Owns It?

In this write-up, we’ve mentioned all the details on Empire Record Label Deaths.

Are you a huge fan of hip-hop music? If yes, you must have artists like Eminem, Drake, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and many more in your playlist. Eminem is currently signed to his founded label, Shady Record; Drake has been connected to Young Money Entertainment, OVO Sound, etc.

Empire Distribution, based in the United States, has also signed many famous artists. Keep reading to learn about the conspiracy of Empire Record Label Deaths.

What exactly happened?

Rapper PnB Rock, who signed with Empire Record Label, passed away on 12th September 2022. He was shot to death in a robbery. The incident took place when he was in Los Angeles at a Waffles and Chicken restaurant. He was robbed and attacked multiple times brutally.

As per a journalist, when police reached the crime scene, he was breathing and still conscious. However, his condition quickly worsened due to the injuries sustained. In the last four years, PnB Rock is the sixth rapper who signed with the label and eventually got killed.

Who is the Empire Record Label Owner?

Empire Distribution is a record label and distribution company which has released many albums in several genres. Though, their centre of focus remains Hip-hop music. The company was founded by Ghazi Shami in 2010. He is the CEO and graduated from San Francisco State University in music technology.

Many famous artists like Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Problem, Crooked I, and Schoolboy Q, have been or are still currently associated with the label. Apart from that, Empire has also supported many singles of debut artists and debutant albums. Many of its albums are charted on Billboard.

Empire Record Label CEO and its operators have partnered with many prominent artists and companies, distributing music on platforms like Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer SoundCloud, etc.

Why is the label trending?

The Empire Distribution label has been a hot topic recently due to the conspiracy associated with the killings of rappers who signs with them. PnB Rock murder has sparked a debate among the public and artists, and many suspect his killing has something to do with the label.

In 2018, XXXTentacion, a Florida rapper, signed with the label in 2017 and again in the next year with a ten-million-dollar deal, but was shot to death months later. Who Owns Empire Record Label was widely searched; however, murders of artists linked with the Empire Distribution are believed to be Gang Related. Like XXXTentacion, Mo3, a Texas rapper, was also fatally shot in 2020. He had released his ‘Osama’, a mixtape with Empire label.

Final Verdict 

The mystery of the deaths of rappers related to Empire Distribution within four years has attracted a lot of attention. King Von, an established name associated with Empire, was also shot in 2020. Young Dolph, who signed a deal in 2018 with Empire, was also killed in a shootout. Check out this Wikipedia overview of Empire Distribution:  

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