3 Best Employee Time Tracking Software 2023

We all know time is the resource that costs you the most. Employees often know how to “steal the time” while working – so it is significant to establish control and rational spending of time. For something like this, new technology came to your aid. Today, you have various software you can use to monitor that time. However, when we have to opt for the best employee time-tracking software – that’s when we usually find ourselves in a dilemma. Therefore, here are some suggestions for choosing suitable time-tracking software for 2023.

Employee Tracking Software Saves Time and Money

Software for monitoring the working hours of employees represents a great time saver for us today. Not only can you control the working hours of employees – but it also offers you so many other features. Namely, many of these programs offer you options such as the calculation of working hours, lost time on breaks, sick leave, etc. Also, many of these programs implement features for calculating billing, invoicing, and other things necessary for every company’s business.

Of course, if you were to pay employees for such work – it wouldn’t be profitable. However, with these apps and programs, everything seems to go much faster and easier. Regardless of their usefulness, all these programs have their pros and cons. Therefore, we hope to help you choose the best employee time-tracking software – or at least the most adequate one for the needs of your business.

  • Clockify

This is one of the most well-known software of this kind. We can say it’s universal for use in almost every industry. This time management tool will greatly help your employees to be more efficient – and reduce time lost to a minimum. It is good for individuals and teams – especially if you have remote employees.

Why? Because it measures time spent based on completed tasks. That generally serves you very well in situations where you are faced with tight deadlines for performing tasks. Analytical reports that you have will help you to identify areas of work in which you are behind time or have problems – and to solve them easily and more efficiently.

  • Buddy Punch

Most users claim this software is the best employee time-tracking software in this category. Namely, most employers struggle with time theft by employees. Therefore, control is essential, and this software is almost ideal for that purpose. Namely, with the help of features such as GPS, IP location, tracking of messages, or web cameras – you will know at any moment whether and to what extent your employees are stealing time, causing you losses.

Also, this software comes with a bunch of additional features, such as the transfer of working hours of employees to payroll, invoice payment, or Geofencing – which are particularly useful.

  • ScreenMeter

This software can be integrated into multiple platforms and is rated quite well among users. First of all, it is a great tool for monitoring, especially for employees who work remotely – and its universal feature makes it even more popular. Namely, this software can work even if, for some reason, you don’t have an Internet connection. However, when you establish the connection again, the software will update the data and transfer them to the database – so you can generate reports of activities during that time.

The Bottom Line

Modern technology has developed so far that we can now work on our business time management more accurately. However, if you wish to choose the best employee time-tracking software, keep in mind the real needs of your company.

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