Equifax Settlement Amount: How Much Will I Get From Equifax Settlement? Also Check Equifax Breach Settlement Claim Number, And Its Scam Details!

This article contains all information about Equifax Settlement Amount and more about the scam and claim number. Follow for more articles.

If anything happens to your privacy at legal terms like the bank, you will get whatever you have lost sooner or later, just like this Equifax settlement scam.

Do you know how much you will get? Are you aware of this scam? Do you know this news is widely circulating in the United States? Read till the end to know the Equifax Settlement Amount.

Learn about Equifax settlement amount, settlement claim number and much more:

Source: florencetrust.org

1 Equifax settlement amount-how much will you get Up to $425 million for data leak

Up to $175 fine to state

$100 to CFPB

(Data may vary as limited funds are available)

2 Equifax settlement number for claim 833-759-2982
3 What is Equifax Reporting company for consumer credits

These are some of the highlighting points that people are asking about. For detailed information about this scam, keep reading. Those not affected by this will also get six additional credit reports consecutively for seven years.

What is the Equifax Breach Settlement Scam?

As we all know, after being breached, now, in 2022, the company is paying compensation to its consumers. But with this good news came a bad one too. People may face scams, too, as many of us will fill in the details to get compensation. We must make sure to use a legitimate site, and no amount should be paid, don’t verify yourself over the phone etc.

In 2017 more than 147 million consumers of Equifax faced breaching, in which Equifax got hacked, and the identities of its consumers were stolen. 

Equifax Breach Settlement Claim Number provided on the site is 833-759-2981. You can call on this to know details. The stolen information from Equifax includes sensitive information like bank account numbers, addresses, personal info etc.

What is the amount for settlement?

The settlement amount will be around $425 million whose data have been leaked. Limited funds are available, so that that data may vary. You can get around $25, up to some hours.


After being breached, Equifax is giving settlements to those affected, and those who don’t get affected will also get around 6 credits for seven years. Read till the end to know How Much Will I Get From Equifax Settlement. For more information on Equifax, click on the link.

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