Evri Delivery Text Message Scam {April} Read Real Facts!

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Did you face any courier company fraud before? Did you hear about FedEx scams that are trending around the globe? Are you a resident of the United Kingdom? Did you come to know about scam message circulating about Evri courier company? Did you receive an Evri courier company request to pay for a parcel?

Before making such payments, we advise you read below about Evri Delivery Text Message Scam.

How did Evri Scam Originate?

The Evri Scam originated as Evri company went through a name change recently in mid of March 2022. Evri was known as Hermes before. Hence, millions of residents were well aware of the official Hermes website – https://www.myhermes.co.uk.

With the sudden change to the courier company’s name as Evri, its official website URL was also changed to – https://www.evri.com. Previously Hermes website was only a UK domain. But, now Evri’s website is a worldwide commercial website. 

If you try to access https://www.myhermes.co.uk now, it REDIRECTS you to https://www.evri.com. However, due to sudden change and technical errors, the redirecting link is NOT working.

Evri Missed Delivery Scam:

Scammers took advantage of changes going on at Evri due to the non-working link of myhermes.co.uk. The old customers would still access myhermes.co.uk as most of them are NOT AWARE of the new URL that is evri.com. It allowed scammers to register https://www.evri-redelivery.com.

Evri-redelivery.com is now CONFUSED with the official evri.com website as Evri courier company did NOT focus on making customers aware of changes to their domain name. Moreover, scammers started using the Evri-redelivery.com link in SMS circulated to thousands of people in the UK. 

As a result, the Evri-redelivery.com link mentioned in Evri Delivery Text Message Scam is MISTOOK as the website of the Evri courier company.

The SMISHING messages were in circulation after 13th April 2022. The message was sent from 44(756)896-3015 and (739)419-4403. It informed people that their parcel would be sent back to the sender, and to get their parcel redelivered, they need to pay £1.45 on https://www.evri-redelivery.com. 

Evri-redelivery.com uses a customized hxxps security protocol. The website was registered in the high-risk country – Senegal, which is known to host fraudulent websites. Evri-redelivery.com has a terrible 1% trust score and has registered only for one year. 

Evri-redelivery.com is a PHISHING attempt as the users access link from Evri Delivery Text Message Scam to pay £1.45. Though the amount is small, the scammers are EXCLUSIVELY looking to capture payment details that can be utilized for unauthorized charges. Your payment information can even be SOLD over the internet.


Please be aware that the official website of Evri is accessible with the new URL https://www.evri.com. The https://www.evri-redelivery.com is a Scamming website. Therefore, do not click on such website link, ignore any message received from 44(756)896-3015 and (739)419-4403; and do not enter payment and personal details on any third-party links asking you to pay for redelivering your parcels.

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