Benefits of Facial Recognition on Multi-tenant Intercoms 

Facial recognition is beginning to be employed for reasons other than only gaining access to your smartphone since the pandemic. A face recognition door lock improves security while also reducing the spread of germs.
Cards used with card readers have the risk of being duplicated, misplaced, or stolen. PIN codes are simple to provide to those who are not registered. A face cannot be misplaced or taken. Reduced germ transmission, better security, and a whole different level of convenience are all benefits of facial recognition on the multi-tenant intercom. No more misplacing cards or forgetting codes.

Here are the benefits of facial recognition on multi-tenant intercoms:

  • Switch unsecured physical card readers

Physical access card management can be a daily issue. Due to the scattered nature of employees, users must receive access cards, which they may later misplace or leave behind at home. Additionally, the technology is old and card duplication is simple.
A visitor to the building can choose from a directory’s list of intercom entries to ring someone inside by using multi-tenant intercom systems.

    • Integrate with access control devices
      You can utilize the intercom to operate any electric door or gate that you already have. A sensor or switch in the intercom will close after a person’s face has been appropriately scanned by activating the opener.  You could also utilize it to enter the elevator. No cards or codes are necessary.

    • Hands-free access
      Through face recognition on the intercom, a user’s appearance serves as their access key, which they must never forget. It provides discreet, secure access.
      Moreover, eliminating physical access cards has additional environmental advantages.
    • Face recognition is reliable and quick
      It takes only around a minute to register a user for facial recognition on the multi-tenant intercom. After downloading the software, users just log in and identify their faces.
      As a result, there is no longer a need to enroll individuals in lines at the door or distribute keycards. Any variety of doors is accessible to users. A user only needs to glance at the camera to activate the intercom, which instantly unlocks the door.
  • Offers privacy and high security

With the use of 2D and 3D data, face recognition on multi-tenant intercoms has improved anti-spoofing that prevents unwanted entry. The intercoms comply with the regulations.
The system generates a number of coordinates based on the distances between a user’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, therefore no actual photo of the user is ever saved. Financial institutions, office buildings, startups, and other organizations trust facial recognition that complies with these requirements.

For businesses seeking to implement the most secure and practical access control system, facial recognition intercoms are the best option. 

Now, here are two different types of multi-tenant intercoms:

  1. Apartment/Condominium multi-tenant intercom – All ages of individuals should be able to utilize apartment intercoms with ease. They are supposed to be simple for a property manager or condominium/apartment member to operate. Modern systems provide remote intercom management from any location using a web browser. 
  2. Video-based multi-tenant intercom – Most buildings now replace older wired intercoms with video intercoms instead of fixing them. This is so that you can install video intercoms for less money while getting more usefulness and safety.
    Not every unit needs to be wired for the new system. A single internet connection is all that is required for video intercoms at the main entry station. The door can also be remotely unlocked for the visitor using video intercoms.

Facial recognition on multi-tenant intercoms is now commonly used since the pandemic. And before you plan on buying these new devices for your homes or establishment, always consider these things when looking for the right product; what the product has to offer, how much it will cost, and where you can get the device repaired.

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