Field Bc Accident {Aug 2022} Explore What Happened?

The post here provides updated information on the Field BC Accident. Read here to know what happened yesterday.

Have you heard of the fatal crash at the west gate of Yoho National Park? Do you know what happened yesterday? It is the fifth vehicle accident in the same area this year. Increased cases of road accidents are a cause of worry among everyone in Canada.

If you are unaware of the cause and what happened exactly in Golden, B.C., read here for the complete information. We provide here updated information on the Field BC Accident so far.

What is the latest news about the crash?

As of the latest update, the roads On Highway 1 are closed after the accident in both directions. It will remain close until noon from 11th Street North in Golden to Beaverfoot Road. The investigation is in progress, and the police are trying to identify how it all happened. 

Meanwhile, Royal Canadian Mounted Police directed motorcyclists to take the alternate route of Highway 95 and 93 for convenience.

What happened yesterday near the west gate of Yoho National Park?

Two people were killed in an Accident in Field BC when the head-on collision between two semi-trucks took place on August 28 approx. 7 in the morning. As seen in the online video footage, both semi-trucks were engulfed in the flame as soon as the collision occurred. According to police, one of the trucks was carrying cattle and was transporting them to their home, while another was carrying lumber.

As per the recent news, who were the drivers are still to be identified; however, they both died. The investigation on the Field BC is ongoing, and RCMP requested to share any information related to the collision with them.

Why Field BC Accident is the cause of worry?

Five crashes between Golden and Field of Trans-Canada Highway raise worry among people. The park area is mainly crowded, and if, in such cases, people do not keep driving safety in mind, it may lead to many such accidents in the future. 

Previously, on July 2, a man died when a collision occurred 17 kms west of Field. And before that, it was June 15 when a man lost his life in a fatal accident near Yoho National Park.

People should watch their speed:

Several other crashes like the Field BC Accident happen due to uncontrolled speed, not being watchful while driving and more. So, people should encourage safe driving rules.

Police and park authorities are taking necessary measures to reduce the chances of accidents in that area. Recently, they have imposed speed limits. If you have any information related to the crash, you can contact Golden-Field RCMP at 250-344-2221.


Here we talked about yesterday’s fatal crash near the west gate of Yoho National Park. It took two people’s lives, and the closed road that followed the accident is expected to open today by 3 p.m. To know more about the accident, read here 

Did you already know about the Field BC Accident? Write below if you have the necessary information regarding this crash.

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