Fossils last stand Yelp {May 2022} Know The Entire Info!

Please read this article to learn about Fossils last stand Yelp regarding a recent occurrence about the owner of a biker bar and her comments related to racism.

Are you strictly against racial prejudice? Do you appreciate people who stand up against people practicing such discrimination? Did you hear about the recent episode in Pennsylvania? Then, please read this report to learn about this eye-opening incident. 

In today’s accounts we have discussed a current occurrence regarding the protest against racism. Citizens from many countries, especially the United States, are eager to know more about this incident. Therefore, please read further to know all about Fossils last stand Yelp.

What is the Discussion on Yelp about Fossils Last Stand?

A significant reviewing platform, Yelp, was flooded with critical opinions about Fossils Last Stand, a biker bar in Pennsylvania. Users began posting their reviews after a video was viral on social media involving the bar’s owner, Jackie Harford. A Lyft driver named James W. Bode shared a video about one of his rides that occurred on 13 May 2022. It was about racial discrimination and his voice against it. His cab’s dashcam recorded the entire episode. 

What was the Incident Regarding the Owner of Fossils Last Stand Pennsylvania?

Jackie, accompanied by a man, had booked a Lyft ride on Friday night. The cab driver, James Bode, confirmed the rider’s name and was ready to start the ride. However, when Jackie asked James if he was a white guy, the situation started worsening. 

James asked Jackie to repeat what she said because it was inappropriate. Jackie tried to laugh it off by patting James’ shoulder, but James did not approve of the comment. All this was recorded in the cab’s dashcam that James posted on his Facebook account later that night. Reviews from members’ filled Fossils last stand Yelp, protesting against racial prejudice and the bar. 

In continuation of the incident, when James told the riders that he would not drive for them, the man began abusing James verbally. He even threatened to attack him physically, but James responded that he would complain to the police regarding the assault. 

In James’ post that night at 11.58 pm, the video was self-explanatory. He mentioned that he had filed a complaint to the police about the threat. He also added that he would reiterate in similar ways if anyone made him feel uncomfortable in his car or property.

What were the People’s Reactions?

James’ post regarding Fossils Last Stand Pennsylvania owner received numerous comments. Social media members appreciated James’ response to that situation and his bravery in speaking up against the riders. James replied to the people by not taking any credit for the incident and encouraging everyone to speak up against racist people.

Yelp, simultaneously, had an upsurge of negative reviews about Jackie Harford and her biker bar. One of the users expressed that the said restaurant did not deserve to be a part of the Yelp fraternity as the owner had a racist mentality.  

The Concluding Thoughts 

Regarding Fossils last stand Yelp many users rated the subject bar a one-star and criticized their food. They urged others not to spend their money in this restaurant whose owner had a racist mindset. This incident is an eye-opener for people who practice racism even today. Moreover, you may want to know your response if you face racial prejudice.

Do you have any experiences from Fossils Last Stand? Please write below.

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