The Top Free Amazon Research Tools for Niche Research in 2023

Research tools are always the best online selling platform for sellers. Various feature points, intersections, and price deals also give these research tools a massive response in the online marketplace. Amazon product research tools are services provided by online marketplaces that can assist you in learning important details about a product and how to successfully market it. Those are useful and provide the seller’s best guidance regarding products. So, see below the top 5 free Amazon Research Tools for niche research in 2023.

5 Top And Best Free Amazon Research Tools:

Free Amazon Research Tools are very time-saving and effortless. These tools not only inform you about product demand but also provide you to find product-selling ideas. Here are 5 Top and Best Amazon Research Tools…

1. Helium 10:

Hellium10 is an ideal product research tool for beginners. This research tool has accurate data that keep information about inventory stock, product weight, reviews, and projected sales. This tool provides some training videos for sellers to help them start their product business.

To locate your first or next profitable goods to sell, they provide an amazing product research tool that allows you to drill down on data. This utility is available as a Chrome extension and a web application. By reverse engineering their product listings, you may sort through product ideas, calculate profitability, evaluate sales predictions and trends, examine consumer feedback, and snoop on rivals.

You can rank on Google and Amazon’s search engines, execute paid advertising campaigns, negotiate refunds with Amazon, and do a tonne more with Helium 10. You will only ever require just one tool for the entire selling procedure.


  • User-friendly accurate database.


  • Limited functions.

2. ZonBase:

ZonBase is a comprehensive web-based toolkit with 20 potent tools and done-for-you services made to support Amazon FBA sellers as they launch and grow their online selling businesses. Also, it is the only Amazon software that provides a customized mentoring program. Also, unlike other Amazon seller software, ZonBase is cost-effective and geared at sellers on a tight budget.

ZonBase is one of the best research tools. To start a successful small or mid-size business, take a look at Zonbase. It is also very useful for Freelancers. It is designed in product analytics software. The features of ZomBase are classified into different folders. This particular tool offers various aspects like ZonResearch, Hot Products, Chrome Extension, etc.

With the use of ZonBase’s product research tools, sellers can find fresh markets and product lines that are lucrative for their enterprises. With the aid of filters and presets like the number of reviews, sales position, profit margin, and historical sales information, merchants can look for product recommendations based on categories. ZonBase does not have a free plan, but if you join up for a free trial of the software, you can use this application without charge for seven days.


  • This is the only Amazon Research Tool that has one on one Mentorship.
  • Best supportive business plan for beginners.
  • Free Expert Training call.
  • It will assist you in locating goods to sell.


  • There are additional costs on top of the monthly rates for the Standard and Legendary plans.

3. AMZScout:

AMZScout is one of the free amazon research tools for supplying quality training videos. It has different groups of products. It is also an affordable and effortless Product Research tool.

AMZScout is a specialist in helping retailers in spotting significant patterns. Utilize the stage’s capacities to decide the feasibility of a specialty if you’ve seen one that is picking up a ton of speed. It likewise helps you by uncovering which different dealers are investigating a specific market.


  • Provide information regarding product sales estimation and quality of products.
  • Sellers easily can find profitable products for growing businesses.


  • Inadequate essential metrics
  • Not quite as strong or exact as elective tools.

4. SellerApp

Seller App has features like Inventory Tracking, an Amazon repricing tool, and real-time price. These features allow the sellers to find the best-selling items.

So that you may choose which products to carry with complete knowledge, everything here is data-driven. You can learn what your competitors are doing in terms of keywords and trends to strengthen your strategy. You can use this to enhance the SEO of each product listing thanks to a database of more than 135 million keywords. To be informed of price changes for products you’re watching, you can also set up alerts.


  • It offers online demonstrations to plan growing business.
  • Full-featured 7-day free trial.


  • Business plans are limited.

5. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a wider tool that helps sellers offer valuable tools providing product information to increase sales. It has been designed in analytic software. It has large data with a web application and chrome extension.

Search through a huge number of Amazon items utilizing the web application until you find the most ideal choice. As you create and extend your business, watch out for your things. While you surf Amazon and sort by the data that makes the biggest difference to you, you can likewise use their Chrome augmentation to confirm item thoughts.

You might find various apparatuses, assets, blog passages, instructional classes, online classes, and different things on Jungle Scout’s site to assist you with expanding deals and prevailing with Amazon. The stage likewise has a gigantic item information base with 475 billion things that were taken directly from Amazon.


  • This Flexible analytic tool offers high-quality training updates.
  • Give updates around seasonal and annual sales.
  • Necessary tools regarding market details.


  • The free demonstration doesn’t available.


These are the top 5 free Amazon Research tools. It is said that each free Amazon Research tools are truly amazing. Every product research tool is best in perspective ways. In my opinion, ZonBase is the best free Amazon  Research tool. Free training calls are great. The way it is explained is truly great. Here you can track your inventory levels and discover market trends. It is a very large data set that always provides sellers updates on trending profitable products.

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