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Gold teeth are a symbol of royalty for some, and a way of showing fashion for others. Whatever it may be, gold teeth are becoming quite popular in recent times. Many times, at a ball party or a casual function, you might have seen people wearing gold teeth, and surprisingly, the gold teeth seem to put more life into their smile!

Continuing the trend of gold teeth, several people might be in search of the best gold teeth designs to have the most superior gold teeth Grillz. Well, the best gold teeth should range between 10 karats to 18 karats. Furthermore, we will be discussing the 5 best gold teeth designs. 

5 Best Gold Teeth Designs

Whenever Grillz is talked of, it is likely a possibility to not find some beautiful and exquisite gold teeth designs without getting to Custom Gold Grillz(CGG). It provides a range of fascinating and alluring gold tooth designs that are often liked by everyone. Following is a list of the 5 best gold teeth designs-

1) Gold Plated CZ Cluster Premium Grillz

Leading the list is the Gold Plated CZ Cluster Premium Grillz. These Grillz have a glowing shine to them. They are composed of gold with shining diamonds engraved upon the surface. The best thing about these gold Grillz is that they are easy to fit. You do not need to visit a dentist to wear them. It is even painless to eat with them being worn.

2) Solid Gold Deep Cut-Grillz

Up next is a high-quality gold tooth made of solid 10 karat gold. These gold Grillz are available in three colors- rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. You can choose any of them as per your choice. A free diamond cut is available if you wish to have one. The overall look of this Grillz is lustrous and shiny. You are all set to glow with this Grillz wherever you go!

3) Solid Gold 6 Teeth With Connecting Bridge Grillz Bar

This one is a uniquely styled gold Grillz. It has two fangs and a sort of bridge being joint to it. This piece of ornament is the same throughout. It is made of 10 karat gold and you can get a free diamond cut on the grillz if you want to have one. For a gold plating over the Grillz, you are required to pay a little extra and in fact, the length of the fangs can be increased by paying extra. 

4) Gold Plated Silver Diamond Cut Grillz

These are a pair of pre-made Grillz with a cut of silver on the outer surface and it is made from yellow gold on the interiors. Gold Plated Silver Diamond Cut Grillz is an affordable gold Grillz. It is composed of a silicone surface too and it can be fit in 5 minutes once the silicone molding gets softer than before.

5) Solid Gold Open Face Grillz

Solid Gold Open Face Grillz are somewhat different and interesting from all other gold teeth. Although it is slightly costly, it is worth the price. With the ergonomic design and smooth shine of the grillz, they appear to be effortlessly captivating and this Grillz makes sure you glow the best when you smile! It is available in 10 karats, 18 karats, and 24 karat gold.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Gold Teeth Grillz

Gold is a precious metal. Any jewelry purchased in gold needs to be thought of properly and tested carefully before the final purchase is made. Likewise, gold teeth are luxurious to some people too. Therefore, the following factors are to be considered before buying gold teeth-

  • Purity

Gold automatically becomes of lesser value if it is not pure and the same is the case with gold teeth. On CGG, you are to find two types of gold teeth- the customized one and the pre-made one. 

The pre-made gold teeth have some quantities of silicone or sterling silver mixed to prepare the base of the gold teeth. On the contrary, if gold teeth are prepared after customization, only solid gold is used. 

Hence, you need to test for the purity of the gold used in the preparation of the gold teeth before buying them.

  • Durability

As per studies, it is considered that pre-made gold teeth are more durable than customized gold teeth. Because pre-made gold has a slight concentration of sterling silver or silicone, it has better strength and durability in comparison to pre-made gold.

Contrary to this, customized gold teeth are composed of solid gold. Therefore, the gold is subjected to tarnishing with the due passage of time. Hence, even if customized gold teeth are pure, they can get tarnished sooner.

  • Comfort

The next thing comes to comfort. For that, you first need to ensure that you are not allergic to gold metal. If so, do not purchase gold teeth otherwise you might get skin infections or other allergies. Only when you can wear gold Grillz comfortably, should you try getting one.

  • Buying From a Trusted Store

Although gold teeth can be purchased online, the recommendation is that you rather buy the gold Grillz from a trusted store. It is a wise decision because in case some kind of mishap occurs in the future then a trusted store is answerable to you.


Gold teeth add glory to your already precious smile. Before you decide to buy a gold teeth Grillz, ensure that you are not allergic to the metal otherwise you can be prone to serious infections and allergies. Remove your gold teeth while eating food and while sleeping. If not done, the bacteria will act on your teeth and gums and it will lead to tooth decay.

Moreover, a wise thing is to check the quality of the gold before making the final purchase. The quality of the gold teeth should be between 10 karats to 18 karats. 10 karat gold is the cheapest and easily affordable gold and 18 karats are owned as a matter of luxury. All in all, gold teeth are trendy and so you can have one whenever you like.

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