Goperya.con {May} Explore Purpose, Legitimacy Here!

Goperya.con {May} Explore Purpose, Legitimacy Here!

Did you know that is searched on the internet as Goperya-com and Goperya-net? Both the website address will redirect the users to Goperya-com. Did you know that many money-making applications are active only for a few months until they gain good investments?

People are searching Goperya.con mistakenly while it is, and it is unknown if this site is a legal website in the Philippines. Hence, we recommend you to read the Goperya reviews below to know all the facts.

Goperya reviews:

There are more than thirty Goperya reviews by reliable reviewing websites. On several third-party websites, Goperya App is rated 4.5/5-stars. A few YouTube reviews of the Goperya App are positive. 

No Goperya application reviews were present on the Goperya website, elsewhere on the internet, and social media platforms.

About Goperya:

Goperya is a gambling website. The website directly asks that user for registration. Once the registration is completed, the user can log-in with their phone number or email address. offers several games, including:

  • Sabong,
  • Hi-Lo
  • Pula Asul
  • Coin Master,
  • Lucky card game
  • Pizza game
  • Web of fortune, etc.

About Goperya App:

Goperya is available online and as an Android app but is not featured on Google Play Store. It needs to be installed from the Goperya website. The current version of the Goperya App is 3.0, released on 16th May 2022. Goperya App supports Android 5.0 and above versions. Goperya App is an 18.94 MB’ .apk’ installation file.

Transactions on Goperya:

Goperya provides options to buy credits, withdraw money, cash-ins, tutorials, history of transactions, etc. The amount from Goperya.con can be withdrawn or loaded via the Gcash P2P platform. On Goperya, users can earn coins by playing games. 

Users can also take support from distributors buying the coins and reimburse 85% of the coin value. Additionally, a referral scheme is also offered by Goperya to expand its market.

Features of Goperya:

The website was registered in the high-risk country Iceland on 11th January 2022, and expires on 11th January 2023. The information of the website’s owners and their contact details are censored using the services of Withheld for Privacy EHF. No information about terms, conditions, and privacy was included on Goperya.

The authenticity of Goperya.con:

Goperya’s website has a terrible 1% trust rank, poor 39.9% business ratings, and an Alexa rank of 1,592,238. Goperya has a considerable 24% suspicion score, 48% phishing and threat profile, 36% malware score, and 42% spam score. 

Goperya has a valid SSL certificate for its IP, valid for the next 89 days. Goperya uses a valid HTTPS protocol. 

NOTE: We do not endorse or promote the Goperya website or Goperya App. Information in this article is taken from various sources on the internet. 


Goperya is a scam. Goperya’s website has terrible Trust Score, Alexa, and Business Ranking. Goperya.con is four months and fifteen days old and registered in high-risk country. Goperya scored high on suspicion, threat, malware, phishing, and spam profile. No customer reviews about Goperya are available on the internet. The withdrawals shown in few videos are unreliable.  

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