Halsted Financial Services Scam {Aug 2022} Know Here!

We discussed the Halsted Financial Services scam in this article, and they addressed many of the accusations as well. Read more.

Have you heard related to Halsted Financial? Do you know about its service? Are you aware of its online Scamming? Do you also want to know whether it is safe to use Halsted Financial services? Then we recommend you continue reading this post. People in the United States wanted to know the legitimacy percentage of these services.

This post, Halsted Financial Services Scam, will tell our readers the safety rate of its service and about the complaints and the ratings shown there.

Halsted Financial Services: what is it?

A debt collection company called Halsted Financial Services is based in Skokie, Illinois. It appears that Halsted Financial Services is the target of numerous complaints accusing abuses of something like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including harassing customers and charging them for erroneous debt. Before taking any action, if you’ve been notified by this collection agency, be sure you are aware of your rights.

Halsted Financial Services Scam or not?

Given that Halsted Financial Services has 12 years of industry experience, an “A” score from the Good Business Bureau, and BBB accreditation, it can be said that the company is legitimate. Due to these requirements, you must work to settle your supposed loan from Halsted Financial Services rather than dismissing the business as a fraud. 

In reality, on its website for collections, Halsted Financial Services lists a number of its professional accreditations. The following accreditations are among them: RMAi Certified, BBB Accreditation, ACA Global Member, and NMLS Member.

Information on the Halsted Financial Services Scam 

Even though Halsted Financial Services seems to prioritize professionalism and compliance, many of the people who have complained say the collections agency may not have assisted them in amicably resolving their unpaid debt issues. Halsted Wealth Management may have also broken the FDCPA, according to several complaints on the BBB. Lastly, Mr. Syed Ali is listed as Halsted Financial Services’ COO on the Best Annual website.

Halsted Financial Services collects money on behalf of who?

On the website, of this finance company we gathered information about the head of the financial services who collects money and Halsted Financial Services Scam makes no mention of the particular areas of collections in which they are experts or the businesses they represent. 

You must verify with the receivables company who the debt is owed and what it is due to because there is a lack of information on the collection company’s area of expertise. Due to the offshoring of debt, inquiring as quickly as potential is the best course of action. If the debt is not resolved, one gathering account can multiply into many disclosures on your credit file.


In summarising this article about Halsted Financial Services Scam regarding the complainants, there has had 47 customer evaluations totalling 1.11 stars, 86 complaints resolved in the previous three years and have been addressed by Halsted Financial Services. To know more, details on common scams and frauds. 

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