What You Need to Know About Harbor: Valorant’s Newest Controller Agent

We currently have information to reveal about Controller Operator, regarding whom fans have long speculated. Valorant’s latest Agent, Harbor, controls the power of the tides and can summon water to save his allies and concuss his enemies. Harbor already looks like one of the most deadly Agents in the game, thanks to his Agent trailer and accompanying gameplay reveal. He doesn’t have the power actually to control water perse, but he uses an ancient artifact that does. Are you ready to summon rapids? Or would you be the one who will be plummeted by the waves? Here’s what players with Valorant accounts need to know about Harbor’s abilities and how they work.

Valorant Harbor’s Lore

Varun Batra, often known as Harbor, is the native of India. A high group member misled him when they were searching for an artefact in Mumbai during his final run for Horizon, his previous employer. It was from this relic that Varum obtained his water-bending abilities, transforming him into Harbor.

The alleged colleague then confessed to stealing the relic to Realm, thus compounding the treachery. Realm has pursued Harbor ever since in order to “reclaim” his abilities. Brimstone helped Harbor in one of his meetings with Realm agents and invited him to Valorant. An Indian Spy is now working with Valorant Program in an effort to combat Realm and spies from other planets.

Harbor’s Abilities

  • Q – Cove

Harbor’s Cove is arguably one of the most polarizing abilities in Valorant, and we know it will surely be tweaked (aka nerfed) almost immediately after the Agent’s release. Cove lets Harbor equip a sphere of shielding water, where he can do a throw or an underhand throw with it. Once the ball of water hits the ground upon impact, a water shield will spawn that can block bullets.

Overall, it’s basically like Viper’s Poison Orb, but instead of having a smoke placed at a specific location, you get a shield that can fend off an enemy team’s attacks. The bullet shield will have a set health amount; once it’s broken, bullets can pass through normally again. Moreover, this ability can’t block projectiles like Raze’s grenades or Viper’s Snake Bite, so it’s not entirely broken.

  • E – High Wave

Harbor is able to outfit a water wall during High Wave and propel it along the earth. One can guide the fluid in the crosshair’s path if they possess the power. If necessary, you can even cease the water earlier. Gamers who are struck by High Tide experience slowing.

You have more versatility when building up the power because Harbor can bend and bend the High Tide whatever he pleases. Rising Tide lasts for 15 seconds, that is a respectable amount of time when compared to how long each Valorant match is. The “walls” cannot be turned on or off, and they have a 40-second timeout that begins when you press the E key.

  • C – Cascade

Harbor may deploy a water waves that he can bring moving forward and over walls owing to Cascade. The opponent gamers impacted by this skill are delayed, allowing you to use it again to end the surge.

Harbor can make good use of the area-denial skill Cascade, which is similar to High Wave. The skill resembles a floating wall in that it will slow foes and impede visibility. Out of all the skills in Harbor’s arsenal, Cascade is the only one you can use for attack and defense situations. You can use Cascade to block an enemy’s peripheral view or turn it into a moving cover of sorts and allow your team to run down the sightlines while attacking.

The only caveat of Cascade is that it can’t block bullets, so you’ll have to be careful about possibly being gunned down behind it. The slow duration isn’t as long as High Tide, but it’s more than enough if you only try to pick one enemy Agent off.

  • X – Reckoning

Harbor’s greatest skill, Reckoning, enables him to use the artifact’s total strength. Harbor’s ability allows him to create a geyser puddle on the floor, and further geyser attacks will attack any adversaries nearby. They’ll be rendered unconscious if they’re discovered.

Harbor’s Retribution identifies opponents nearby and attacks them, somewhat less effectively than Breach’s Rolling Storm. This should be a lethal skill if used in conjunction with a skilled Duelist and Originator. The main issue is that teamwork is necessary for ults such as this, and gaming with strangers prevents you from seeing that.

Valorant Harbor’s Release Date

Harbor will be available from Valorant shop to play for players with Valorant accounts starting October 18 when Episode 5: Act 3 drops. Riot Games stated that they wanted to create a Controller that could block the vision on the battlefield in creative ways, and they did just that with Harbor.

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