Haresatinbuy Scam (Nov 2021) Let Us Check The Review!

Have you observed the recent Haresatinbuy Scam, which is stealing the capital of online customers? Then, do check our post to detect its genuineness.

Have you investigated a website that claims to offer gaming products at an unbelievable price? Then, let us begin our search on a newly invented site.  

The gamers of Canada, Mexico, India, and Puerto Rico have quoted that using pro equipment makes a huge difference, thus improvising the playing experience. But, they have also commented that the gaming devices are high-priced. 

But in this post, we will examine a site’s validity to check whether the portal is legit or not. In addition, this article will also put light on the Haresatinbuy Scam. So, kindly check this to be conscious. 

Is Haresatinbuy.us a Legit Online Site?

  • Domain Age- The portal is new since it was created on 11-11-2021. 
  • Founder’s name- No owner’s details are gathered, but for customer service, you can contact ‘Orrick.’
  • Plagiarized content- 100% plagiarism is detected. 
  • Domain Expiry Date- 11-11-2022 is the domain expiration date. 
  • Trust Score- Its value is very low, i.e., 1%. 
  • Discounts offered- Compensation on products is lacking. 
  • Trust Rank- 58.5/100 is the portal’s trust rank. 
  • Customer Reviews- Many negative reviews are noted, assisting us in peeling about the Haresatinbuy Scam
  • Alexa Rank- 865,955 is the portal’s Alexa rank. 
  • Social media icons & connections- The links of social media platforms are broken; however, the icons are present. 

Knowing About Haresatinbuy.us

The website yields different gaming products, such as:

  • Microsoft Xbox Series
  • Sony accessories 
  • Nintendo switch systems 
  • Joy-con and controllers
  • Nintendo games
  • Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 
  • Nintendo Labo
  • Xbox One

They also declare to provide friendlier customer service along with exciting weekly sales. 

So, let’s move further to reveal some vital website’s additional cues. 

Checkpoints to Identify the Haresatinbuy Scam

  • Reports have revealed that the site was registered on 11-11-2021 and is only 10 days old. In addition, Haresatinbuy.us will terminate on 11-11-2022.
  • The provided contact number is (352) 800-9194. 
  • The portal prefers Paypal for payments, but you can also transact with them via MasterCard, American Express, and VISA. 
  • The specific facts on return and exchange policy are unavailable. However, they have cited that exclusive products may have limited return or exchange chances. 
  • On the portal, the address is quoted as 630 Nagle Rd. Erie, Pennsylvania 16511 United States
  • After revealing the Haresatinbuy Scam, we have observed that thorough information on refund policy is absent. 
  • The office timing hours are Mon to Sat, 8 am – 5 pm. 
  • They sell high-quality games and tools such as Nintendo Switch and Playstations. 
  • Service@nicegamelive.shop is the mail address that you can use for asking queries. 
  • The shipping policy persists up to 15-30 working days. 
  • Icons of Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are available. 
  • For delivery, they can take up to 10-20 business days.
  • The official URL to access the homepage is https://www.haresatinbuy.us.
  • The report on Haresatinbuy Scam reveals the absence of a newsletter option. 

Pros of the Portal 

  • The social media platform icons are spotted.  
  • The trust rank is good, i.e., 58.5/100.
  • The office and email address are also noticed. 
  • The ratings on products are available. 
  •  Contact number is present.  

Drawbacks of Haresatinbuy.us

  • The social links are invalid.
  • Almost all products have a 5-star rating. 
  • The email address is different from the site’s name. 
  • A trust score of 1% is seen.

Buyers’ Viewpoint 

Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Kuwait users have commented on the Haresatinbuy Scam, stating that the site is not authentic. Moreover, over YouTube, a customer has quoted that this online store has scammed his 400 bucks. 

Also, on some sites, users have cited that the contact number and email address are fake. However, as some customers commented, the address is not legit, exhibiting a skeptical site.  In addition, the missing social icons have highlighted the same fact. 

All of this information is showing a red flag against the site to buyers worldwide. Learn more about the credit card scams here. 

The Final Talk

The Haresatinbuy Scam has duped many online users since the website has trapped them during the transaction methods. Also, we have discovered that the portal has no active social links, but they have cited the icons over the site. 

Moreover, almost all products mentioned in the portal have 5-star ratings, stating that it is not a reliable site. Read here if PayPal scams have tricked you. To know more about customer reaction, visit here. 


Have you experienced any scams on this online site? Would you please share your words below? 

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