Heardlr (April 2022) Read All Interesting Facts Here!

Please peruse this write-up to learn about Heardlr and the reason for searching this word on the Net, regarding a byproduct of the popular word game Wordle. 

Do you want to know about the latest spin-off versions of Wordle? Are you keen on playing online and daily challenges? Do you also have a flair for music and lyrics? Then, please read this write-up to know the details.

In today’s composition, we have mentioned details about one of the byproducts of Wordle. Players from various nations, such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, wish to know more about this game. Thus, please read on to know all about Heardlr

About The Searchability of Heardle

The subject spin-off version is named Heardle. This game is related to music, and thus, the first five letters mean the past tense of the word hear. The last two alphabets are -le to make it a homophone of Wordle. Several other similar-sounding byproducts of Wordle are Nerdle, Absurdle, Worldle, etc. 

However, many people have searched this game, typing the last letter as r. It could be because the letters r and e are next to each other on a standard qwerty keyboard. Consequently, some people worldwide may have mistyped this word as Heardlr

Also, when we searched this word with r as the last alphabet, we found a TikTok user. Due to the restrictions on this portal, we could not open the webpage. But we could gather the information that this user has 134 million viewers. Thus, we assume that people want to know about the game, not the TikTok handle. 

Notwithstanding, Internet users who type the last letter as r should not be deprived of accurate information. They should not miss out on the details they want to find just because of a spelling mistake. Keeping in mind the searchability Heardlr, we have mentioned it in our article. 

What is Heardle?

Heardle is a game that its developers created by being inspired by Wordle. However, instead of words, users have to guess an English song on this platform. The system randomly chooses a song each day, most likely from the last decade. 

The song’s prelude plays as a hint, and players need to guess it in six tries. After each attempt, gamers can listen to a little more of the introduction. They may also skip a guess to hear more of the song, making it easier to comprehend. 

Why Did People Search Heardlr Recently?

Many Heardle players across the world looked for this game on the Web recently. It is because the game’s developers pranked its users on the occasion of April Fool. Thus, when people tried playing this game, they received erroneous messages. 

They also got redirected to a music video, which was actually the song they had to guess. Some users also posted on their Twitter account about this prank. People also appreciated the developers for the trick. 

The Closing Thoughts

According to the above details, you now know why people searched the word Heardlr off late. Also, you may like to know about the game Wordle, the parent version of Heardle. The game’s developers successfully played pranks on their users on April Fool’s Day.

Did the Heardle team also prank you? Please share your fun experiences below.

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