High School Student Fort Lauderdale: Explore Its Student Details Who Died Recently!

This article on High School Student Fort Lauderdale was written to give you detailed information about this suicide.

What happened in High School Student Fort Lauderdale? Why is everyone willing to know more about it all of a sudden? Did something suspicious happen at the school? People from the United States are eagerly waiting to know more about what happened at the school. If you are one of them, you have ended up at the right place. All the information regarding High School Student Fort Lauderdale will be mentioned below so kindly read the entire article with all your attention.

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What happened at the school? 

Fort Lauderdale High School is a school located in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. This school comes under the Broward County Public Schools district. It serves students from classes 9 to 12. As per sources, recently a senior died there by suicide. He jumped from the third floor around 10 a.m. on a Thursday. This news has shaken all the people in the school. The family is devastated after knowing about their son’s action. Further details about the boy and the action will be mentioned below. This news was out broken to the world on Friday right after the suicide took place. Read below to know more. 

Fort Lauderdale High School Student Dies

A senior died at the school by suicide on a Thursday. The police are still investigating this case. Fire Rescue Chief Stephen Gollan mentioned that the student was about 17 years old, and jumped from the balcony at 1600 NE 4th Avenue. The student was straight away taken to Broward Health Medical Centre where he died. What could be the possible reasons behind suicide is the main question now. The investigators have concluded that the reason could be his cerebral health. Cerebal health plays a very important role in a teenager’s life today. This can be the cause of death of High School Student Fort Lauderdale. 


The suicide leaves a message for the school, parents and children. The school mentioned that they have a crisis team that includes cerebral health counsellors as well, so it was not clear why the student attempted suicide. The investigation is still on. To know more about this suicide click on this link 

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