First Aid Home Remedies for Dogs

Home Remedies for Dogs: What separates dogs from other domestic animals is the level of affection that can exist between a dog and its owner. Some other domestic animals may be good as pets but cannot respond to affection the same way.

The benefits of owning a dog are evident in the invaluable companionship it provides. It also aids in stress reduction and the lessening of anxiety and depression.  Studies have shown that looking into a dog’s eyes can naturally boost oxytocin levels

Oxytocin is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is associated with childbirth and lactation. It is also associated with trust, empathy, and fostering of relationships. Oxytocin also has social functions. It influences bonding in relationships, helps in the creation of group memories, social awareness, and other social functions

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The Rationale for Taking Care of Dogs

You must prioritize the well-being of your dogs for a variety of reasons. Some of them are discussed below. 

Healthy Household

It is important to keep your pooch’s health and wellness a top priority. Not just for its benefit but the benefit of the household. This is because there are transmittable infections on dogs’ skin that if not treated with caution may affect the wellness of others 

Taking care of your canines’ health does not always require a frequent visit to the vet for every minor injury or infection. All you need is a good first aid kit for your canine. A safe environment improves the wellness of your canine companion; helps them retain a sound mind, enhances socialization, and lowers the risks of infection.

The basics of caring for a dog are to ensure that it has an adequate feeding routine and a safe environment. Dogs are more susceptible to the danger of infection in an unhealthy environment or when the owner doesn’t know how to care for a dog or create a germ-free space for it. 


Many infections can affect your dog and they include the following:

  • Yeast infection and ringworm: ringworm is caused by a fungus that spreads through direct contact with animals or a person or infected objects. Yeast infections are incredibly common in dogs and they come from an overgrowth of normal fungus. Common signs are severe itching, crusty, scaly, or thicken black skin.
  • Impetigo, Sore, and Lesions:  These are bacterial Infections, also known as Pyoderma. This causes infection around the abdomen of dogs. Among the infections is folliculitis caused by deep infection of the hair which is evidenced by bumps, scabs, and sores.
  • Mange: This is a parasitic infection caused by mites and often found in unkempt or stray dogs. It leaves sore on the hand and results in hair loss.
  • Canine Otitis externa: also known as an ear infection. It is one of the reasons dogs frequently shake their heads in discomfort. Common causes are allergies, ear mites, trapped water, and floppy ears.

Symptoms include the following: swollen ears, scratchy ears, severe handshaking, redness, swollen ears, discharge, and ear odor.

Home Remedies

There are some helpful and easy to execute measures you can adopt at home to ensure the health of your dogs. The remedies are discussed below. 

Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is a product derived from natural ingredients for both animal and human medicine. Magnesium hydroxide is the main and active ingredient of milk of magnesia and is common in antacids. It aids digestion and counteracts stomach acid.

Milk of magnesia can help regulate symptoms in your dog such as constipation, acid reflux, gastric reflux, irregular bowels, flatulence, itching, or bleeding around the anus.

Lavender Oil 

It is known for its powerful antimicrobial pain relief and healing properties. It is also beneficial for minor cuts and skin sores.

Lavender oil has several beneficial properties for dogs when used correctly. It aids in soothing itchy or irritated skin. Diluted lavender oil can provide some relief for dogs that are scratching to satisfy a persistent itch.

It promotes a calming effect that helps loosen up or relieve stress. You can also use essential oils for an anxious dog as well. Lavender oil is often used for aromatherapy for this purpose.

Lavender oil acts as an insect repellant for both humans and dogs. Dogs that face severe issues with fleas and ticks or the discomfort of pesky mosquitoes can be helped by applying some diluted lavender oil to the dog’s coat.

Lavender oil serves as an anti-bacterial and antifungal agent that can eventually harm your dog. Lavender oil can be applied as a preventative measure, but if your dog has developed a bacterial or fungal infection, you can check out these holistapet remedies for ideas on how to treat it. 

Yogurts For Dogs 

Probiotics in yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) are good bacteria that destroy the bad bacteria in the gut, which aids digestion. Yogurt contains probiotics which are beneficial microbes that promote and support the health and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a mixture of live beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in the dog’s gastrointestinal region. 

A growing population of good bacteria will discourage bad bacteria from dominating the gastrointestinal tract and causing disease. Good bacteria can help enhance intestinal condition which is a crucial factor in strengthening the immune system.

Epsom Salt For Wounds

They cause abscesses to open and seep out, relieving pressure in the wounds and enabling healing. A mixture of one teaspoonful of Epsom salt with two cups of clean warm water is recommended to help in cleansing the wound surface in order to prevent a recurrence of infection. Soak a clean towel in the mixture and gently apply with light pressure around the surface of the wound.


The home remedies discussed above do not substitute visiting a vet in the event of an acute health challenge. If your dog fails to recover after administering the home remedies, consult your vet for further diagnosis and treatment. 

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