How Did Lydia Sum Died {July} Death Cause & Net Worth!

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Lydia Tin Ha Sum was born in China and is a Hong Kong comedian. She was well known as fei-fei amongst her fans. She entered this industry when she was only 13. She made her debut in the film in 1960. She died because of liver cancer. 

The death news has been revolving in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. This article deals with the question, How Did Lydia Sum Died? Make sure to read through the article to know the necessary information.

The reason behind the death of Lydia Sum 

Sum was diagnosed with a liver tumor and cancer around her gallbladder. She was admitted to the intensive care unit. Later her family told her that her life-supporting equipment should be removed. She died around 8:30 am local time when the apparatus was released. 

For two long years, she had liver cancer. She also had to undergo kidney dialysis and chemotherapies. Her body was taken from Hong Kong to Canada in British Columbia.

Lydia Tin Ha Sum Net Worth 2022

Lydia Sum, born on 21st July 1945, was a director and an actress. She possessed a net worth of $400,000. The Hong Kong Film Awards awarded her The Professional Spirit Award in 2008. She was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. 

She was a vocalist who was popular for her stout figure. She appeared in When the Peach Blossoms Bloom in 1960. Her fame developed even more when she worked with Shaw Brothers in the new transition station TVB. She also played as a Shanghai Lady in the 1970s. 

Why How Did Lydia Sum Died trending?

Google celebrates the Birthday of the star. She is one of the most respected and amazing comedians in Hong Kong. Lydia was supposed to be one of the largest in the Hong Kong industry. Google has been showcasing her comedic and acting talents. As a teen, she made it on screen and made her debut as a child. 

She gradually became an icon in the Hong Kong industry. Thus, to remember her art pieces and the work on screen, the Google Doodle celebrates her 77th Birthday, which has made her death a trending topic on the web.

Let us know more about Lydia.

Lydia Tin Ha Sum Net Worth 2022 would have been one of the largest in the Hong Kong industry. The Hong Kong comedian was well known for her signature glasses and hairstyle. She was born to Shum Yun Gee. 

She was an incredible artist who joined the Shaw Brothers as an actress at 15. She was found as a comic and a dramatic actress in the films. She suffered from various chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and cholangitis. 


Based on internet research, we can say that Lydia Tin Ha Sum is a sensational artist who died of Liver Cancer when she was 62. She has given her life to the entertainment industry and has a huge fanbase. The article How Did Lydia Sum Died, has all the important details. Do you want to share other details that we missed? Please comment below.

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