How Does Alicent Hightower Die? Find What Happens To Her, And Also Grab Details On Her Children

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Do you know who Alicent Hightower was? Are you familiar with the name? Have you ever heard about her? Are you curious to know about her? Do you know how she died?

The people of United Kingdom, United States, and Canada are talking about her. Today in this article, How Does Alicent Hightower Die, we will look at every detail.

The latest news about Alicent:

Olivia Cooke, a well-known English actress, will play Queen Alicent Hightower in the upcoming HBO series House of the Dragon. a Game of Thrones prequel series is set centuries before the Battle of the Five Kings. The arrival of so many new characters, in the form of the offspring of Alicent, Rhaenyra, and Daemon, is one alteration that could confuse viewers even though King’s Landing has undergone a great deal of change since the show’s hiatus. 

What Happens to Alicent Hightower? Read the details. 

Winter illness causes Queen Alicent Hightower to pass away in 133 AC at Kings Landing. In her later years, she also developed a cerebal illness. According to author Ryan Condal, she is 15 years old and already acting like a fully developed grownup. And when she hits 18, she is incredibly intelligent and beautiful. Even after giving birth to children, she remains as beautiful as har maidan’s age. So, she has a mixture of many virtues. In the next section, we will try to figure out about Alicent Hightower Children.

Children of Alicent: Who was she?

Alicent is a Hightower royal house member. Later on, she marries Viserys I, Targaryen’s second wife. Queen Alicent Hightower is who she is. Otto Hightower is her father. She gives birth to King Aegon II, Queen Helaena, Prince Aemond, and Prince Daeron, the four offspring. The mother’s name is unknown. She might have lost her mother when she was a very little child. Gwayne Hightower is one of her brothers’ names. Her first 13 years of life were spent in Oldtown, her family’s hometown. Now we are known to How Does Alicent Hightower Die?

More info:

Queen Alicent gave toxic King Viserys 1 with his drink on the third day of the third moon in 129 A.D. Alicent wants her son Prince Aegon to be crowned after her death, with the aid of Lord Commander Criston of the King’s Guard.


Alicent Hightower was a queen. But in today’s era, a series is being played on her. Olivia Cooke is playing the character of Alicent Hightower in the recent series. It is an interesting and suspenseful series. Want to learn more about Alicent Hightower click here.

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