How to Keep Your Workstation Tidy

If you’re one of the many tradespeople that operate in the UK, then you’ll know just how important a tidy workstation is. Cluttered environments have been known to affect productivity which is why it is especially important to keep clean whilst you work. 

What’s more, with the nature of the work involved, there’s a high chance that your workstation will have a lot of sharp tools lying around if it isn’t properly managed. This could result in you getting injured and with around 440,000 people being injured at work in 2020/21, you’ll be looking to avoid being another number on the list. 

This article will explore why you should keep your workstation tidy and how you can ensure it stays that way. 

Why should you keep your workstation tidy? 

There are many reasons to keep your workstation tidy. They include:

  • Reduced workplace stress 
  • Cleaning inspires a feel-good feeling at work 
  • Cleanliness also boosts confidence 
  • Keep employees and yourself safe and healthy
  • Improve productivity 
  • Improve professional image to clients and staff 
  • Cost-effective for your business in the long run
  • Improved organisation 

As you can see, it is pivotal to keep your workstation tidy and requires very little effort, so take time to clean it regularly or your business may suffer the consequences. 

How to keep your workstation tidy 

Follow these simple steps and improve your chances of keeping your workstation tidy at all times. 

Organise tools 

Create an effective arrangement for your tools so that they can be found easily. We recommend storing similar items together such as drills and drill bits. When you do this, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for and reduce the chances of items going missing. This will reduce stress and improve productivity. 

Create storage space 

With so many tools, you’ll want to ensure there’s enough space to store them all near your workstation. Some ideas for storage space may include: 

  • Boxes to go under the desk
  • Install shelves 
  • Use pegboards
  • Build a cabinet to hide tools away

Maintain an inventory 

After years of working in the trades, you’ll have acquired many tools and equipment. To avoid purchasing the same tools twice, keep an inventory of everything your workstation has. This inventory will include a list of each item you own from hammers to socket sets like these from RS

You should also keep a log of what leaves the workstation, so you know it needs returning at the end of the day. When you do this, you’ll feel more organised.

Getting your workspace in order is a straightforward task when you put your mind to it. Just make sure that once it is organised, it stays that way or you may slip into your old habits.

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