Infinite Poeltl {April} Explore Gameplay, Today’s Quiz!

Infinite Poeltl is the game that is the highlight these days. We have provided the related information in this post, please read below.

What do you just love about basketballs? Do you enjoy playing online games associated with basketball? If you are Wordle and a basketball game lover at the same time, you must have heard of the Poeltl game? Isn’t it?

Have you maintained your stats in the game? While writing, the game is 49, and people across the United States can’t stop themselves from following the game craze. So, if you also have any doubt regarding Infinite Poeltlstick with us till the end.

What is this game about?

Wordle craze has not yet been over, and another sensational game is there with the same concept going viral. And it is an NBA-inspired game that you can play online. The game is designed by Dunktown, especially for basketball lovers. It is a daily puzzle, just like Wordle, with eight attempts to guess the correct NBA player. The game is named after Jakob Poeltl, an Australian professional basketball player for San Antonio Spurs. You can play this game unlimitedly on the android app or website.

Moreover, the game came more in highlights after Gabe Danon’s tweet. Infinite Poeltl Game is not so easy to play for non-sport participants. So, let us explore below on today’s puzzle answer as Killian Hayes.

How to play the Poeltl game?

Playing the Poeltl game is not so difficult if you master its rules and know exactly how to play the game. So, on this note, let us see below:

  • You have to guess the NBA player in eight attempts.
  • The game also has a color code where Yellow in the team column means the player played for the team but is not currently.
  • Yellow in position means partial match to the position.
  • Moreover, yellow in another column shows other attributes matching the mystery player.

More on Infinite Poeltl Wordle:

In your attempt to guess the correct player, anytime green indicates the correct match. But if you are stuck in between, you got help by enabling silhouette mode. The somewhat match of the concept to Wordle makes it an interesting to play.

In the Poeltl game, the player guessing is divided based on the hint, which is shown by turning the tile color. Here, each correct player has team, age, conferences, height, division, position, jersey number, and name displayed as you keep guessing.

What is today’s answer to the game?

The developer of the Infinite Poeltl updates the new player daily, and the reset time is midnight local time. If you have not been able to identify the player for today so far, do not worry. We have the answer for 14th April 2022, puzzle number 49. And the answer is Killian Hayes. You can play this game unlimitedly on the android app or website.


We have talked about the most searched game Poeltl. Also, we have seen the answer to today’s game. You can also play the Poeltl game by clicking on the link.

Do you also have some points to share on Infinite Poeltl? Do not hesitate and directly write in the comment section below.

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